What is the risk for lewd acts, squeezed into crime: imprisonment for those who commit them

What is the risk for lewd acts, squeezed into crime: imprisonment for those who commit them

More severe penalties for those who commit obscene acts in public places, but also for those who wear helmets to avoid being recognized during demonstrations. There are two bills, both assigned to the Justice Commission of the Chamber in the reference office, signed by the deputy and undersecretary of Foreign Affairs Edmondo Cirielli de Fratelli d’Italia and filed on October 13, 2022, before the inauguration of the Giorgia government Meloni .

The second raises the crime of ideological falsehood to “criminal level”, introduces “in replacement of imprisonment and a fine, prison sentences and a fine” for those who wear a “protective helmet” during demonstrations and provides for mandatory imprisonment (and no longer optional) in flagrante delicto. Prison sentences of one to four years and a fine of between 3,000 and 10,000 euros are foreseen. The first bill of law once again introduces the crime of obscene acts in a public place “which – as the text states – is a crime and not a mere administrative offense”. And therefore “whoever, in a public or open place or exposed to the public, shows himself naked or performs obscene acts” must be punished – this is the request – “with imprisonment from three months to three years”. The objective is also to repress those who take advantage of prostitution practiced in the streets. Regarding the second proposal, the FDI representative recalls that the legislative decree of January 15, 2016 provided for the decriminalization of some types of crimes, transforming them into administrative offences.

The law in force provides for an administrative fine of between 5,000 and 30,000 euros to be applied to anyone who commits obscene acts in a public or open place or exposed to the public. Previously, however, imprisonment of three months to three years was applied. The fact is – argues Cirielli – that “in recent years there has been an increasing frequency of degrading behavior in the national territory that attack public morality and the security of citizens in an alarming way. Frequently, unfortunately, these actions take the form of real obscene acts. They are sometimes committed by immigrants present in the national territory for a different reason, regardless of the presence – on the streets – of other people, including minors”.

For Cirielli, «the application of a mere administrative sanction is certainly not a deterrent to the social alarm associated with the behavior of immigrants who, unused to the customs, habits and ethical and legal norms that regulate civil coexistence in our society and uprooted from their origins, sometimes perform obscene or degrading actions in our cities. Many times, in fact, we find out from the local news, or witness in person, of immigrants who roam the streets naked, or rather, undress, regardless of the presence of other people, often even minors».

Thus – defends the Fdi exponent – “to better combat the moral degradation that afflicts our community and reinforce the security of the citizens we represent, it would be more effective to repress the phenomenon through the replacement of more incisive punitive instruments compared to those foreseen in the law in vigor, fruit of decriminalization”. At night, major sources explained that the two bills are not part of the government’s agenda.

Source: IL Tempo