Gas for migrants: Meloni’s mission in Libya

More gas and less immigrants from Libya. This is how we can summarize the outcome of Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni’s Tripoli mission, accompanied by Ministers Tajani and Piantedosi, as well as Eni’s general director Claudio Descalzi, as already happened in Algeria. If the first signed an agreement to increase the presence of the six-legged dog in the exploitation of Libyan fields and bring more gas to Italy, the second donated 5 patrol boats, which should renew the country’s commitment to support the Tripoli coast guard. serve against the departure of illegal immigrants

“Historic” deal

On the sidelines of his trip, where he met with Libyan national unity government leader Abdul Hamid Al-Dbeibah, the prime minister described the agreement on gas as “historic”. Eni and Libyan energy company Noc signed an agreement that should result in an investment of $8 billion for the operation of “A&E Structures”, two sites off Libya. Gas production is expected to reach 750 million cubic feet per day of standard gas by 2026. “Today’s agreement will enable significant investments in the energy sector in Libya, contribute to the country’s development and job creation, and strengthen Eni’s position as the leading operator in Libya,” Descalzi said. These are almost all very mature projects, reserves that have been discovered and can be quickly put into production, rapidly developing additional gas. It’s part of an interesting dynamic for both Libyan energy and Europe’s energy security”.

Eni currently supplies 80% of Libyan national gas production. But the growing ties between Recep Erdogan’s Turkey and the Tripoli government may put Erdogan’s leadership into question. Ankara recently got the opportunity to continue its search for beds in Libyan territorial waters in the Mediterranean: the deal has been suspended by a court for the time being, but Erdogan’s weight in Tripoli remains strong.

For at least ten months, Libya has been divided between two rival political and military coalitions: on the one hand, a national unity government recognized by the international community and supported by Italy. On the other hand, the government of national stability led by appointed prime minister Fathi Bashagha, originally supported by Egypt and Russia, is actually a parallel executive based in Cyrenaica. In between is General Khalifa Haftar, the dictator of Benghazi and the commander of the self-proclaimed Libyan National Army, who appears to have left the Tobruk government to support the Tripoli government. The pacification of the country (as well as the unblocking of business) is through national elections. Meloni knows this very well and therefore gave Italy’s full support for the election appointment to be made as soon as possible, better still by 2023.

Immigrant question

Another issue that is valuable to our country depends on national reconciliation: immigrants. Libya is the main departure point for boats arriving in Italy. It’s a flow that continues to grow despite Rome’s recently signed cooperation agreements and harsh criticism from humanitarian organizations. The European Commission, which is involved in training and supplying the Libyan coast guard, has recently questioned the effectiveness of these agreements in combating the ultimate goal of trafficking: “There has been a shortfall in recent years. On the eve of Meloni’s trip, a Brussels spokesperson said Friday, “This is in the organisation’s interest.”

But Italy still believes that the policy launched by former minister Marco Minniti in 2017 can still be useful for reducing splits. The foreign minister announced that Tajani had signed “a new memorandum of understanding between the Italian and Libyan governments for the delivery of five EU-funded patrol boats”. “Despite the efforts, the number of irregular migration from Libya to Italy is still high – admitted Meloni – More than 50% of the people coming from Libya believe that we need to intensify our efforts to combat irregular and irregular migration and human smuggling. “We are determined to keep our commitment. We believe that we need to do more, we are ready to do our part,” he said.

Source: Today IT