“Unfortunately, the Russians besieged the Nazi-fascist army”: Veneto Region blunder

“Unfortunately, already in December, the Russians expanded, encircling the divisions further east”. In this passage, Veneto Region education consultant Elena Donazzan recalled the battle of Nikolajewka on January 26, 1943, the tragic final chapter of Benito Mussolini’s campaign in the Soviet Union that cost the lives of more than 250,000 Italian soldiers. 57,000 Alpine soldiers. He did this with a circular he sent to schools to celebrate Alpini day, which the District established in the last legislature. Already at that time the chosen day was the subject of discussion. However, the letter of Brothers of Italy member Donazzan, who is already accused of neo-fascist sympathies, reignited criticism. Moreover, as the memory of Holocaust victims approaches another day.

According to historians Francesco Filippi, Carlo Greppi, and Eric Gobetti, “Every day that Italian soldiers fought on the Russian front, first advancing and then retreating, was another day when the gates of Auschwitz were bolted against horror. The Axis aggressive war was allowed to slaughter millions.” “The election of January 26, which may seem completely inappropriate at first glance, is ultimately humiliating for Alpini himself, above all. The democratic country should be horrified at the idea of ​​making history through one of the most embarrassing chapters in the already horrifying history of European fascism”.

Andrea Martella, secretary of the Democratic Party in Veneto, “asks the Ministry of Education to intervene immediately – he says – to stamp – he says – the circular of the schools council in the Veneto region that the Alpine troops ‘bend’ the war. On January 26, 1943 in Nikolajewka for a kind of glorification of the fascist regime. We ask them to formally distance themselves from petty and dangerous forms of covert revisionism”. Elena Ostanel, district councilor of the ‘We want the Veneto’ movement, shares the same view: “A shameful letter from Governor Luca Zaia asking for schools to be closed. What should not be forgotten in this sad page of history is that Alpinis and all Italian soldiers, wearing shoes and summer uniforms, were sent to massacre thousands of kilometers from their homeland, dying from the cold as well as from bullets. And all this for the passion of power and conquest of a murderous and worthless fascist regime, servants of the Nazis”.

Donazzan defends himself: “This is a useless, misleading and offensive polemic. ‘Unfortunately’ that someone wanted to read in bad faith – in reference to the Soviet encirclement of Nazi-fascist troops – should instead be read earlier. Goodwill, because to the Italian victims of that war. My critics are malicious, they do it instrumentally. Read what Mario Rigoni Stern wrote about the war in Russia”, concludes the congressman.

Source: Today IT