Meloni goes to Libya and breaks a historic gas deal. Restrictions on migratory flows

Meloni goes to Libya and breaks a historic gas deal.  Restrictions on migratory flows

A “historic” US$8 billion agreement to increase Libya’s gas production and a “reinforcement” of cooperation with Tripoli for the management of migratory flows. Above all, these are the results that Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni calls for at the end of the mission to the North African country, carried out jointly with the Ministers of Foreign Affairs and the Interior, Antonio Tajani and Matteo Piantedosi. A trip that the prime minister considers “positive” because “important cooperation, energy and fight against irregular immigration agreements were signed. We also express our total readiness to favor the path towards legitimate elections” and for the “stabilization of Libya”. .

As soon as he landed in Tripoli, Meloni clearly reiterated his speech: “Italy also wants to play an important role in helping African countries to grow and enrich. A cooperation that does not want to be predatory, but wants to leave something in the nations”, he explains. during the meeting with the delegation led by the prime minister of the Government of National Unity of Libya, Abdel Hamid Al-Dabaiba. Then, at the joint press conference, he stresses that his visit “demonstrates that Libya is a priority for Italy, for stability in the Mediterranean, for Italian security and for one of the great challenges facing Europe, such as the energy crisis. ”. he reiterates “the total Italian disposition to favor the legitimate and requested path for the celebration of the elections and for a stabilization of the Libyan situation”, also to “avoid that some external influences work to destabilize the situation”.

But, above all, the prime minister did not lose sight of the fact that “Libya is an absolutely strategic economic partner for us.” This is demonstrated by the agreement signed in his presence by the managing directors of Eni, Claudio Descalzi, and of the National Oil Corporation (Noc), Farhat Bengdara: it foresees an investment of US$8 billion for the development of the strategic project ‘Estrutures A&E’ , aimed at increasing gas production to supply the domestic market in Libya, as well as ensuring the export of volumes to Europe. It comprises two fields, called Structure A and Structure E, located on the coast of Libya, where gas production will begin in 2026. “An historic step in the long and fruitful collaboration between Italy and Libya”, defines Meloni, who relaunches his ‘ pallino’ to “make Italy an energy supply center for the whole of Europe”.

And speaking of Europe, the other challenge to be faced concerns the management of migrants, in relation to which “for Italy cooperation continues to be fundamental” with Libya “to combat irregular immigration”, observes the Prime Minister , asking the EU to “strengthen the tools to combat illegal flows”, also with “European cooperation for North Africa” ​​​​- Meloni abstains -, which can allow “people to grow and prosper in their countries “. Meanwhile, the prime minister collects an agreement to “reinforce capacities and cooperation with the Libyan authority in relation to the coast guard”. The memorandum, signed by Tajani, foresees “the delivery of 5 patrol boats financed by the EU”, explains the minister. While Piantedosi, after meeting his counterpart, the Libyan minister, announces “a joint task force, with a first meeting in Rome”, to collaborate “on issues of managing migratory flows, the fight against terrorism and the fight against drug trafficking ”.

Source: IL Tempo