Opposition sets new date for demonstrations against Gustavo Petro

“Let him close his first line on February 14,” said Representative Miguel Polo Polo when announcing that the opposition sectors of Gustavo Petro’s government will mobilize on next month’s 15.

“Given the guerrilla’s insistence that its troops be called to the streets on the same day as the opposition, we are obliged to move the date to February 15,” the congressman said.

He added: “We invite truck drivers, workers and companies in the hydrocarbon sector, taxi drivers, churches, students, retirees, doctors and nurses and any sector that will be a victim of the government reforms to take to the streets. We will not be fooled by Petro”.

Similarly, former presidential candidate Enrique Gómez joined in, indicating that it will not be just the marches.

“We are coordinating actions to defend our health and pension systems and the institutions that have served us well.”

Source: El Heraldo