The Cospito case, Molotov cocktails and fear. Note from Palazzo Chigi: “No agreements with those who threaten”

The Cospito case, Molotov cocktails and fear.  Note from Palazzo Chigi: “No agreements with those who threaten”

Tensions increase with the imprisonment of Alfredo Cospito in a severe prison regime. Following the letters for his release that appeared in connection with the attacks on the Italian embassy in Berlin and the consulate general in Barcelona, ​​​​in Rome on Saturday night, an anarchist-inspired blitz targeted the police district of Prenestino. While a letter with threats to the judges and a bullet was delivered to the newspaper Il Tirreno in Livorno. “Actions of this type are not going to intimidate institutions. Even less so if the objective is to loosen the harsher prison regime for those responsible for terrorist acts. The State does not conform to those who threaten it,” replied Palazzo Chigi.

In the capital, the policeman Prenestino smelled a strong smell of gasoline in the air and ran to the square, where he found the incendiary bottle with flammable liquid.

The flames were immediately extinguished, preventing them from spreading, with no data on parked vehicles. This comes after clashes at a demonstration in Trastevere on Saturday in support of Cospito, after which a police officer was injured and 41 people were indicted.

“I express my solidarity with the women and uniforms who, with great professionalism and a spirit of sacrifice, face, even in these days and hours, the manifestations of those who imagine using threats and violence as a method of conditioning the institutions”, he says. the communiqué. In the words of Interior Minister Matteo Piantedosi, who expressed particular closeness to the police inspector who was hit in the head in Rome and treated with several stitches, “the State will never allow itself to be intimidated and influenced by these totally unacceptable actions, in the belief that that no claim or proposal can be taken into account if it is carried out using these methods, even more so if directed against the police”.

A letter with threats to the judges and a bullet was delivered to the newspaper Il Tirreno, directed by Luciano Tancredi. In the message, signed with a capital A, it is written that “if Alfredo Cospito dies, the judges are all objective. Two months without food, fire in the prisons”. Currently, the anarchist trail also seems to be closing in due to the vandalism of the Italian embassy in Berlin and the consulate in Barcelona. On Friday, the window of the building that houses the consulate was smashed, with the entrance to the building smeared with the words ‘Freedom for Cospito’, ‘Assassin of the Italian State’ and ‘Total Amnesty’. In Berlin, however, the car with the diplomatic license plate of the first adviser of the Italian embassy Luigi Estero was set on fire. Foreign Minister Antonio Tajani announced that security measures had been tightened at all Italian embassies. The first attack on our diplomacy, claimed by a group of Greek anarchists, took place last December 2, when a Molotov cocktail destroyed the car of Susanna Schlein, Elly’s sister and first adviser to the Italian embassy in Greece.

Cospito has been on a hunger strike since October 20 against the 41 bis, to which he has been subject since last May, when the then Minister of Justice Marta Cartabia signed the worsening of prison conditions, at the request of Turin’s Anti-Mafia District Directorate and the national anti-mafia team, in relation to the reported convictions for various crimes, including terrorist attacks and massacres. Cospito’s health has deteriorated over the past week. Due to a pressure drop, the anarchist fell in the shower, breaking his nose.

He has lost 42 kg since he started a hunger strike which, as he has repeatedly reiterated through his lawyer and the Guarantor of Prisoners, will only be interrupted with the repeal of 41 bis. For lawyer Flavio Rossi Albertini, who on January 12 submitted a request to the Ministry of Justice to revoke the harsh prison, “the executive seems to have stopped in March 1978, here we are not discussing whether we gave in to pressure, but whether the conditions to submit and maintain Cospito to 41 bis”. According to the lawyer, “it is not a question of muscle, but of law, of a broad interpretation of an exceptional norm.

Article 41 bis must be applied in the mandatory cases provided for by law, it is a rule of strict interpretation”. For Cospito, however, observes the defender, “the scope of application has been expanded, expanded and after 102 days of hunger strike it is still pending minister’s decision.

Source: IL Tempo