Pd’s conditions to Giarrusso: “Apologize for offenses.” it’s revolt

Because they like epochal questions in the Democratic Party, the Giarrusso case broke. In the sense of Dino, former envoy of the Hyenas, former deputy of the 5 Star Movement, from which he left in controversy with Conte. With a past of “hard and pure” pentastellata anthology. His declared membership of the Democratic Party in support of Bonaccini’s motion has unleashed a hornet’s nest among the dem, already screwed on a thousand side issues (to be generous) in his congressional campaign. On Saturday, the coordinator of the motion headed by the president of Emilia Romagna expressed not exactly flattering words to Giarrusso, which he seemed to respond to yesterday. «Nobody can tell me that I’m getting into the bandwagon – he said – given the moment of difficulty of the Democratic Party. It is normal that they attack me, but I have my own strengths and I was a center-left voter before choosing the 5 Star Movement, there have been applications from people much more distant ».

However, Bonaccini himself took a stand yesterday. “We are a party open to all – he said -. If Dino Giarrusso wants to enter and join the Democratic Party, first of all, apologize to those who hurt him in the past and show that you accept the rules and path of this party”. In short, a case has now emerged. Which also borders on this side of the regional dimension. Yesterday, in half an hour, when the candidate Pd-Third Pole Alessio D’Amato was asked about the matter, he tried to read it in his pro domo: “It can also be a useful signal for a split vote in Lazio” .

However, outside party lines, this does not arouse much enthusiasm. This could be referred, on the one hand, to the tweet by actor Alessandro Gassmann. He doesn’t mention names, but the timing and dynamics are very reminiscent of the “fact of the day”. He writes: “A party that continues to fill up with individuals who are not needed and who have nothing to do with the initial idea. A continuous Trojan horse away from the real problems and the future of the new generations. I will never vote for you again», guarantees the artist with an «adieux», goodbye, to seal his lash. Of course, although the keyword of the Democratic Party is to rebuild and refound the project, the ballast of the boutade always seems very heavy.

Source: IL Tempo