Now the Democratic Party wants to repeal the Jobs Act

Now the Democratic Party in Labor Law is tidy. Shared by all four candidates for Secretary, the dem’s next goal is to shelve the labor reform that was approved during the “Renzism” season (and despite the discontent that snaked through the party). Therefore, it is necessary to return to the past for Pd, and to article 18 for all, through contracts with increased protection. Stefano Bonaccini, who appeared as the favourite in the primaries and who has so far been the most reluctant to follow his colleagues on this path, has made this clear. “I think it was a blunt mistake to interfere with Article 18,” said the governor of Emilia-Romagna, speaking in Turin. Bonaccini later added: “We need to go beyond the Jobs Law and write a new season of reform focused on ensuring development and industrial policies and tackling precarious work, something that hasn’t been done in this country in recent years, and trying to do everything within it to improve incomes and work. way to create conditions for”.

Elly Shlein, vice president of the Emilia-Romagna Region and considered Bonaccini’s most dangerous opponent in the next congress, was never in doubt about the Jobs Act. Just a few months ago, commenting on Enrico Letta’s proposal to overcome the symbolic law of the years of the Renzi government, Schlein was categorical: “The Labor Law is one of the reasons that led me to a difficult election a few years ago; resignation by the Democratic Party”. So, “I’m happy with what Enrico Letta said yesterday, but that was already in the works. He was on a program that said we would be the most fierce opponents of this fear of the future, which is affecting increasingly broader segments of our society, start with the youth”. More recently, speaking at an event in Parma, Schlein reiterated that the Labor Act, which “has caused a profound break with business and with workers who don’t know them in these elections,” is just as “a mistake in fixed-term liberalisation.” contracts”.

Gianni Cuperlo, another candidate for the Secretariat, reminded that he was among the dem deputies who opposed the reform at that time. “I didn’t vote (Labour Act, ed) and I think it was the right choice because this measure, beyond the impact it had, damaged the trust relationship with all parts of our world,” Dem deputy said. all doubts about his position on the subject. Cuperlo added that the reform should be modified to “give fixed-term workers a specific guarantee system.”

Even for Paola De Micheli, the fourth nominee of Letta’s successor, it is necessary to turn the page. “The Jobs Law is outdated – he said – because the aim of a reformist and left-wing force should be to write a new law for workers, or rather a law for jobs”. That’s why De Micheli stressed the need to “rewrite business rules from scratch and not stop there and deal with minimal corrective measures”.

Thus, in varying shades, the four candidates for secretary agree: The season of the Labor Act and with it any temptation to return to “Renzism” must be set aside. But proposals to rewrite the rules of the labor market are actually quite vague. Will the “new Pd” struggle to reintroduce Article 18 for all workers (as Bonaccini suggests) or instead to limit the use of fixed-term contracts (certainly not invented by the Labor Code)? We will learn more after the primaries.

Source: Today IT