Alfredo Cospito towards the decision of the Meloni government

February 12 is the deadline for Minister of Justice Carlo Nordio to respond to the request for the annulment of 41bis, submitted by the defense of anarchist Alfredo Cospito, who has been on hunger strike in Sassari prison for more than a hundred days. A “hard prison” was ordered by former minister Cartabia on May 4, 2022, based on alleged links between “two associations closely linked to Cospito”. If no response is received from Via Arenula within the deadlines, the objection will be deemed to be rejected. Today, however, the Cabinet is finally expected to respond, because the Cospito case is on the agenda. No big news is expected because Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni is very clear on what he thinks about it.

In his petition to Minister Nordio, Cospito’s defender, Flavio Rossi Albertini, highlights “new facts that have not been brought to the knowledge of the Rome Surveillance Tribunal”, which dismissed a complaint made by the defense in recent weeks. Referring in particular to the reasons for the punishment arising from the operation “Byalistok”, in which the Rome Assize Court “acquitted the defendants of the charge of organizing for terrorist purposes”, the following decision was made: penalties for other minor offenses.

According to the accused, the grounds for the sentence, delivered on 13 December but which the defense “was aware of in the first days of January”, were “at the Bencivenga social center (in Rome, Via Nomentana), precisely because of the ties and correspondence between the defendants and Cospito”. Cospito’s desire to manipulate the personality of one of the defendants, as well as an alleged affiliation cell (the official anarchist federation) and/or exploitation of the young anarchist by making him a tool outside of his political position, and the permanence of Cospito’s membership structure, precisely to the extent that it places it at the foundation of the accusatory thesis. “The criminal prosecution in question constitutes the main element emphasized for this purpose in the ministerial decree”.

It is expected that the opinion of DNA (National Anti-Mafia and Anti-Terrorism Directorate) will be conveyed to the Minister of Justice Carlo Nordio in the coming days, upon the request for the cancellation of 41bis, which was issued against the anarchist for four years. According to what was learned on the subject, meetings were held with the participation of judicial authorities dealing with anarchist events. In addition to the request for annulment, in which the Minister of Justice was called upon to express his opinion, the defender filed an appeal to the Supreme Court, scheduled for 7 March, against the decision of the competent Rome Surveillance Court. for 41bis.

“We must distinguish between the personal matter in which the Minister of Justice has the authority to intervene, and the matter concerning the attacks. Minister Nordio will rely on the information provided to him by the competent judges in the fight against terrorism. The government does not negotiate and dialogue against those who inflict violence on the state and the people,” said Foreign Minister Antonio Tajani. he said so.

Source: Today IT