Ghisleri warns Meloni, what happens after Regionals: “New balances”

Ghisleri warns Meloni, what happens after Regionals: “New balances”

The real challenges for Giorgia Meloni will come after the regional elections in Lazio and Lombardy. Alessandra Ghisleri, director of the research institute Euromedia Research, explains in the episode of L’aria che tira, Monday, January 30, on La7, why the prime minister seeks a more institutional profile when she reaches one hundred days in office . “You need friends to stay where you are and an open mind, because the truest thing is that after the vote there will be complicated situations. The real competitors are within the coalition”, analyzes the researcher.

For this, Meloni will have to find “a good dialogue with the EPP in the European Parliament to be able to join a party where Forza Italia already resides”. He does not want to expel Silvio Berlusconi from the European People’s Party, but he wants to find a path “as wide as possible because many refugees from FI and the League are arriving in the Brothers of Italy and this is generating new balances” in the center right, says Ghisleri.

In short, as Myrta Merlino points out, for the researcher, many see the FdI as the single party long pursued by Berlusconi: “Matteo Salvini also thought like that, trying to make an axis in the south. Now Meloni is trying, starting in the south as well”. Ghisleri recalls how the current prime minister began the electoral campaign for the September 25 election in Milan, and today winning Lombardy – as, among other things, predicted all the polls that point to Governor Attilio Fontana with a clear advantage – would represent an “important result, but for her it means changing the relationship with the north and with Lega and Forza Italia”.

Source: IL Tempo