Rutte: No demand for Dutch F-16s from Ukraine

Rutte: No demand for Dutch F-16s from Ukraine

Currently, there is no possibility of the Netherlands supplying F-16 fighter jets to Ukraine. At a joint press conference with French President Macron, Prime Minister Rutte said, “No delivery, no investigation.” said. Came to The Hague for advice.

Like Macron, Rutte believes it is not taboo to support Ukraine to win the war with Russia. “But if it comes to that, it would be a really big next step,” Rutte said of the fighter jet delivery.

Several Western countries have recently made a commitment to supply main battle tanks to Kiev. The Leopard 2 tanks that the Netherlands leases from Germany can also go in this direction.

President Zelenskyj also requested Western warplanes in a video message last week. That is why Macron and Rutte reacted very cautiously to this cry of the heart tonight.

good bond

The President of France and the Prime Minister of the Netherlands met for approximately 45 minutes in Trêveszaal. Afterwards, they spread the air of unity and emphasized the good relations between the two countries. “This connection is particularly important, I would even say indispensable, because of the war in Ukraine,” Rutte said.

Both men shook hands warmly and patted each other’s backs. Rutte had reserved a table for her guest at De Poentjak, the famous Indian restaurant near Binnenhof.

Check out Rutte’s kind words here:

In the pre-dinner discussion, two main issues were on the agenda: the increasing migration flow to Europe and the competitive position of European industry against the USA. Macron and Rutte stressed that the Netherlands and France largely agree on both.

Rutte seeks support for a stricter immigration policy in Europe. For example, Europe wants improved border controls and asylum seekers to be admitted in the country of destination. “We largely agree on this,” the Prime Minister said.

Macron said the EU must prevent abuse of the asylum system. “We need to improve the system to keep it going.” The issue is also on the agenda at the European Council, which is the meeting of heads of government on 9 February.

Rutte does not wait for final decisions there. It is important that we take steps there, but it will not be ready yet.”


The two countries are also moving closer to the Inflation Reduction Act, Europe’s response to the US government’s support for greening their own businesses. This could have consequences for the competitive position of European industry.

For this reason, Macron wants to create a European fund of 380 billion euros as its counterpart. According to Rutte, there is still a lot of money to be used first in any pot in Europe. But it also wants to address the “unintended consequences” of US government aid.

Source: NOS