Case of Alfredo Cospito, Minister Piantedosi: let’s draw attention to anarchists

In the case of Cospito, the Minister of the Interior, Matteo Piantedosi, declares war on the anarchists. And it promises a rapid increase in law enforcement attention. Piantedosi talks about the 41 bis regime which, in the Cospito case, “was applied to a discrete dangerous character assessed as such by Organs competent bodies. This is a person definitively convicted of very serious crimes – the minister spoke to the microphones of the “Diario del giorno” of Tg4 – We are following the case very carefully, without this having to generate threats to the State. The increase in tension will correspond to an increase in our attention and that of the forces of order. I will not go into the merits of the discussion of what fits or not and the evaluations of the ongoing processes, but the composition of all the observations of the case is in the democratic process”.

Then, Piantedosi addressed the migratory emergency and the government’s proposals to contain the flow from North Africa. “This government has the merit of having brought back to the European debate the centrality and importance of migration by sea as a problem for the whole of Europe”, explained the Minister of the Interior, when commenting on the meeting between Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni and the President of the European Parliament Charles Michel.

Source: IL Tempo