Recent polls: Who rises, who falls, rankings of parties

Movimento 5 stelle and Lega are growing, according to SWG’s latest survey for the Tg La7. The Brothers of Italy are always first-party permanently. A little down, 0.4 percent, but according to the poll, Giorgia Meloni’s party is still well above 30 percent of the vote, 30.4 to be precise. Giuseppe Conte’s 5 Star Movement is growing by four digits at a distance, pushing the Democratic Party further and further away as the “second in line” party. Pentastellati wins at 17.8 percent, brewing 0.2 but always below 15 percent (14.2).

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Matteo Salvini’s League is up and back to 9 percent, eight decimals more lively, stable than the third pole Action-Italy. Forza Italia rose 0.2 percent to 6.8 percent. Other parties included the Green-Left alliance 3.6 percent (-0.2), followed by +Europe (3.2, +0.1), Per l’Italia with Paragone – Italexit (2, -0.3 percent) and The People’s Union is coming. Luigi de Magistris (2, +0.2). Abstention increases by 1 point, the rate of those who do not express themselves is equal to 37%.

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The SWG survey also explored Italians’ thoughts on wiretapping. According to 54 percent of the interviewees, publication in the media should be prohibited only for conversations about private facts unrelated to the alleged crime. For 23 percent, broadcasting should be prohibited anyway, for 12 percent it should always be allowed.

Source: Today IT