Lazio Regionals, D’Amato Names Spin Time Activists, But Screams At (Fake) Fascists

Lazio Regionals, D’Amato Names Spin Time Activists, But Screams At (Fake) Fascists

Fake fascists, real occupiers. Francesco Rocca has to answer the usual questions about anti-fascism, while the candid left on the lists that support Alessio D’Amato the activists of the housing movements, including Maurita Virtù, exponent of the Spin Time social center, which runs on the Verdi list- Left. A circumstance that, after days of controversy, still causes the indignation of the vice president of the Senate and Roman coordinator of Forza Italia, Maurizio Gasparri.

“We continue to be more and more disconcerted by the events that demonstrate the left’s hypocrisy and tolerance of illegality. In fact, two well-known Roman activists of the housing movements were candidates on D’Amato’s list in the next regional elections in Lazio», accuses Gasparri. “The fact that one of these lives in a building that was occupied a few years ago – adds the exponent of force – represents yet another bad example of support, an embarrassment for those who regularly pay taxes and for those who see their rights usurped. scourge for the city of Rome, where drug trafficking, illegal trade and many other unclear events often thrive. poorer families”.

Meanwhile, the centre-right candidate for the presidency of the Region of Lazio, Francesco Rocca, reiterated to «Agora»: «I exclude the presence of neo-fascist extremists in the list or in one of my possible councils. It’s incompatible with my history, incompatible with who I am, with what I’ve done over the years, with my being close to all parts of the world and all weaknesses without distinction. It’s something I don’t understand.” The other day, the center-left candidate, Alessio D’Amato, asked the former president of the Red Cross to distance himself from neo-fascist movements. It is a pity that no neo-fascist movement supports Rocca, nor does any militant far-right candidate on the center-right lists.

When talking to Mauro Antonini, a former CasaPound militant running for Pisana for the League, the centre-right candidate for governor explains: “I don’t know him. I am told that he has been away from CasaPound for years and if he has agreed to run with me as a candidate for president, that means he has addressed my positions, certainly not me in his positions that he may have previously held.” To close the story, Antonini himself in a post on Facebook. «I subscribe to every word said about me by Francesco Rocca writes the Northern League candidate for the Regional Council – I fully recognize myself in the values ​​and ideas of the centre-right candidate for president, those of the parties that support him and, most importantly, the of our Constitution. It is an honor for me to participate in these regional elections as a candidate for the League, a party to which I have been a firm believer over the last three years.

During this period I worked as a simple militant, spending my energies in voluntary work, in particular in assisting needy families in East Rome. As for CasaPound, I have not been part of it for years, distancing myself from it. I hope with this to have definitively clarified the nature of my political commitment in the League”.

The League itself then asks Alessio D’Amato to explain “the presence of professionals of the profession in the lists that support him. Or should we think that the justicialist left that speaks of itself without stain or fear protects execrable forms of illegality?», says a statement from the regional coordination of Lazio da Liga.

Source: IL Tempo