Conte and the last war against Letta. What happens after the Democratic Party primaries

Conte and the last war against Letta.  What happens after the Democratic Party primaries

Never underestimate Giuseppe Conte. But it is a mistake that many have made, believing that they are dealing with a “rookie” in politics, surprisingly appointed as prime minister by Beppe Grillo’s movement. The five-star prime minister “showed all the green mice”, they say on the left, center and right, stressing that “he is not a strategist, but a strategist, and also very refined, objectively speaking”. Emblematic, and it is only the last on the list, is the “war” waged against Enrico Letta: the evident irreconcilability between the two professors immediately reached a point of no return, also because Conte had established pacts with the previous leader of the Democratic Party, Nicola Zingaretti, and with the «maximum leader» of the Roman left, Goffredo Bettini. The latter always addressed words of attention to «Peppino», sometimes even affectionate: and Conte always reciprocated, appreciating Bettini’s public and personal history.

“Letta’s will be the last battle against the Democratic Party”, they say to the Nazarene, convinced that with the new secretariat, that of Stefano Bonaccini, “everything will go back to the times of the second Conte government”. Even if the defender of the people after the regional elections wants to start again with a position of strength: the defeat of the Democratic Party in Lazio, as polls indicate, will have strong knock-on effects on the “left that commands Rome”, and the pentastellati will only have the win. For the dem “Donatella Bianchi’s candidacy essentially aims to overthrow, instead of Alessio D’Amato, the main party that supports him, which incidentally is still led by Letta, with a view to congress”.

And among the grillini, the main error of the “professor of the Sorbonne” was precisely that of maintaining the position until the choice of the new leader of the Democratic Party, when, on the contrary, “a quick exit after the electoral defeat in politics would have facilitated a convergence on a single candidate in Lazio”. Thus, in Lombardy it will be possible to accuse the Democratic Party of not having fought enough to let Pierfrancesco Majorino win, despite being on his side, supporting the race for the presidency of the region, and in Lazio that of the dem will be defined as a “vote to lose” capable only of dispersing the forces opposed to the centre-right. Undoubtedly useful operations, politically, to reach a table with the Pd, after the regionals, with greater visibility and more weight: Bonaccini will certainly be willing to hide any difficulty in dialogue, not least because a renewed agreement with the M5s will allow him to archive the last Latvian exponents still present in the party. Remembering then that in 2024, or next year, there will be European elections, and the lists in the Democratic Party will be made by the current governor of the Emilia-Romagna region. After what happened in Brussels, it will be the real test of the party’s renewal. And as the pentastellati always shouted “honesty, honesty”…

Source: IL Tempo