Donzelli avalanche: is the left with the mafia and the terrorists? chaos in the house

Donzelli avalanche: is the left with the mafia and the terrorists?  chaos in the house

It’s a fight in Cemra over Giovanni Donzelli’s words about the anarchist Alfredo Cospito. The deputy, responsible for organizing the Brothers of Italy, intervenes in the bill for the constitution of the anti-mafia parliamentary commission, in article 1.º, n.º 1, point 3, regarding the “verification of compliance with 41 bis”, and in his arguments he parallels the story of Cospito and that of Cosa Nostra boss Matteo Messina Denaro. “Mafiosi don’t fear prison as such, because a few days, a few months and a few years in prison are almost a medal to demonstrate their opposition to the State. From prison they continue to manage their businesses. Mafiosi, on the other hand, I hate the 41 bis which is the tool that prevents the mafia from controlling the territory, it makes the mafia afraid of being taken into its own clan”. For Donzelli “the mafia is using the terrorist Cospito, an influencer, to make the mafia deliver 41 Bis”.

Then the passage that enrages the left. First, the FdI exponent quoted Cospito’s quotes reported by Repubblica in court: “Cospito says he is fighting for 41 Bis to be abolished for all mafiosi and all terrorists. Cospito met mafiosi and on January 12, 2023 while spoke with the mobsters, Cospito also met with parliamentarians Serracchiani, Verini, Lai and Orlando who went to encourage him in his battle. I want to know which side is this left on: is it on the side of the state or the terrorists and the mafia?” , attacks Donzelli referring to the visit of the parliamentarians to the arrested anarchist which, it is worth remembering, is a prerogative of the parliamentary mandate.

Peppe Provenzano, Deputy Secretary of the Democratic Party, blurts out: “There are many reasons why we can invite Mr Donzelli to shame. the fight issues for the mafia”. Debora Serracchiani asks Giorgia Meloni to intervene: “Those who think they can divide us into good and bad on such delicate issues are wrong. It was a serious mistake to intervene this morning with words that should have been avoided in the most absolute way” , thundered the leader of the Pd group in Montecitorio asking what the prime minister thinks. Meanwhile, Donzelli goes straight: “An apology? No. I will gladly go to the jury of honor to ask the PD to clarify his words. I hope that the Italian left who stutters about Cospito will apologize to the Italians.”

Source: IL Tempo