Cospito, Nordio maintains the point: the 41 bis cannot be touched. Tajani: We are under attack

41 bis “don’t touch”. The Minister of Justice, Carlo Nordio, takes stock of the case of Alfredo Cospito in a press conference. “Have the conditions of detention in relation to the hunger strike changed? No, for a very simple reason. If we accept this interpretation, tomorrow we could find ourselves in front of all the mafiosi who are in 41 bis procedure, it would put the I in conditions of decide exactly how we would have done with Cospito”, said the minister.

The government raised the level of security in the face of the anarchist threat. “With the force of law, we are responding to violence.” The ministers of Foreign Affairs, the Interior and Justice clarified the executive’s line. “For us, whether Cospito, Messina Denaro, Mario Rossi, the state of health of a prisoner must be treated with the utmost seriousness. The principle of protecting health is a sacred and binding principle for us, in fact we transfer Cospito is in the most adequate prison structure to reconcile the security of detention with health care, the Opera prison is an excellence, the health of Cospito is absolutely guaranteed”. “The care and attention to the prisoner’s health conditions are ensured by the best structure that exists in Italy, it is constantly monitored”, explains Nordio.

In addition, it is likely “that a parliamentary discussion could also be envisaged on the whole issue, to understand the positions of the various political forces”, says the Minister of Justice who explains: “All enemies of the State and democracy have one thing in common, that is, who tend to unite against what they consider to be the common enemy”, but it is an “extremely limited risk in prisons because we pay the utmost attention to avoiding these forms of contact and complicity. In prisons, the situation is absolutely under control”.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Antonio Tajani, recalled that “there is an anarchist international that is mobilized at this moment against Italy. It is known that there is an anarchist network, anarchists from various countries are in contact and there is a federation”. “It is obvious that there is international solidarity and the attack against Italy is perpetrated all over the world”, added the minister.

Interior Minister Matteo Piantedosi spoke among other things about the risk of connections between the anarchist camp and the antagonists. “The risk of regrouping of different fringes certainly exists, but it is not new. There was also a trace of it in the demonstration the other night – added the owner of Viminale – where the observation activity showed the presence of components not only from the anarchist area but from the antagonist galaxy in a more general way. Solidarity, even punctual for this game, the fact of sharing this so-called identity battle in a more transversal way exists, draws the attention of the police forces and is monitored”.

Source: IL Tempo