“Illiterate Donzelli”. Rampelli closes the case: no revenge, the regulation applied

“Illiterate Donzelli”.  Rampelli closes the case: no revenge, the regulation applied

Giovanni Donzelli’s words in the Chamber enlivened the political day. «Revenge against Donzelli? I understand the morbid curiosity, but there really is nothing. I only interpreted the regulation literally…» concluded the case in an interview with Adnkronos by the vice-president of the Chamber Fabio Rampelli, who ended up at the center of some criticism of the management of the Chamber. Rampelli put an end to all the controversy by answering those who asked him why he did not censor the words of Più Europa deputy, Riccardo Magi, who today accused Donzelli, a member of the Brothers of Italy like Rampelli, of “institutional illiteracy” due to statements made by Tuscan parliamentarian during his speech on the case of Alfredo Cospito.

The Fdi group, incidentally, had asked for measures. Fabrizio Comba, from Giorgia Meloni’s party, took the floor and urged the current president to reprimand the Magi. Rampelli, however, explained that the presidency “did not consider the affirmation of institutional illiteracy offensive” and invited the parliamentarians to continue the debate. Rampelli resorted to the regulation and rejected the sender’s accusations that he spoke of a small revenge against Donzelli, who a few days ago was appointed by Meloni as the new FDI commissioner in Rome in place of Massimo Milani, very close to Rampelli.

Source: IL Tempo