Door to Door, Salvini’s promise: “Bridge over the Strait? Cornerstone within two years”

Door to Door, Salvini’s promise: “Bridge over the Strait?  Cornerstone within two years”

Matteo Salvini in the Porta a Porta round. The Secretary of the League spoke during the January 31st episode of the Rai1 television talk show hosted by Bruno Vespa and spoke mainly about the work of the Meloni government after 100 days of work: “We decided to support the Draghi government with difficult travel companions such as Pd and Movimento 5 Stelle, and of course Meloni’s choice to remain in the opposition paid off. That said, Meloni has worked very well as Prime Minister these first 100 days, I’m happy with what I’ve managed to do in my little path as a Minister and I’m happy that the polls are rewarding the League. But I’m a minister and my job is to unlock public works. I’m happy, for a few weeks now the polls have been rewarding the League, it’s the one that has grown the most”.

Salvini, looking at his ministry’s arguments, makes a promise to the South: “Building the bridge over the Strait will be more useful and convenient than not doing it, for Sicilians who pay 6 billion euros every year for the lack of of connections. If all goes well, within two years we will be able to lay the first stone”. Then a passage on autonomy: “Today there are already Italians in Serie A and Serie B and autonomy is not in force. Autonomy means cutting waste and bureaucracy and giving responsibility to those who govern. Today Italy doesn’t give everyone the same opportunities and that’s why we’re going to try to bet on local administrators without taking anything or anyone away. Autonomy is good for everyone and nobody loses a euro”.

Another issue addressed by Carroccio’s number one is that of regional elections: “15 million Italians will vote in 15 days and I am absolutely confident in the confirmation of Lega and the center-right in Lombardy, which they have governed for 30 years. And in Lazio there is a great desire for change, the decorum of cities, and not just Rome, and waiting lists in health deserve some changes. The regional ones – concluded Salvini – will also be a test of approval for what the government has been doing in recent months”.

Source: IL Tempo