“She should be removed from her post”: Robledo on minminas

Former Senator Jorge Enrique Robledo charged the Minister of Mines and Energy, Irene Vélez, with the Attorney General.

According to the former parliamentarian, there is a series of facts from the official that does not come out of the country.

“Petro’s win doesn’t give them permission to do what they want,” Robledo said, declaring that Vélez Torres should be sacked.

He explained that the decisions of the Ministry of Mines are driving up the national deficit because the new oil and gas exploration contracts have been suspended.

“To justify this nonsense, they forged signatures in the Mimninas under her orders. They gave figures for gas and oil that were not available.”

He explained that it is an act of corruption as signatures were placed from officials from that portfolio who disagreed with the figures collected there.

“His behavior is against the constitution and the law. They appointed her as Minister of Mines, it was to look for minerals, oil and gas, and if it’s difficult for her to fill that role, then she resigns or she gets fired, and that’s what we’re asking for ”, said Jorge Enrique Robledo.

Robledo and President Gustavo Petro have recently staged several scuffles on social networks as a result of the former senator’s criticism of the president.

“I argue, analyze and explain my points of view. On the contrary, the petrista bullying attacks me, lying. A warm invitation to the national leadership of Petrista: choose the one you want and we will discuss publicly all my criticisms of Petro, I am waiting for you, ”said Robledo.

In another tweet, he pointed out: “As long as the president persists in his very serious anti-oil nonsense – the only president in the world in that bear – nothing will change,” said the Dignidad leader.

Source: El Heraldo