Cospito case, Donzelli reported: investigation opened

The “Donzelli case” ended in the prosecution. Europa Verde spokesperson Angelo Bonelli filed a complaint against Giovanni Donzelli, a deputy of the Italian Brotherhood and a loyal member of Giorgia Meloni, accused of disclosing “sensitive information of a confidential nature” about Alfredo Cospito to the Agency. Anarchist who has been on hunger strike for 104 days and has been subjected to the harsh prison regime of 41 bis and has just been transferred to the Opera prison in Milan due to his physical conditions.

In light of Bonelli’s complaint, the Roman prosecutor’s office opened an investigation file. The offense of disclosing and using official secrecy is presumed “for conducting public environmental wiretaps of Alfredo Cospito and Dap (prison administration department) among members of the ‘Ndrangheta and Camorra”. Bonelli “reports the facts for the conduct of all necessary investigations and the evaluation of the possible criminal relevance of the outcome, starting with article 326 of the penal code, and the prosecution of those who may be responsible”.

Angelo Bonelli, who provided a short copy of the speech to the Chamber in the complaint submitted to the Roman Public Prosecutor Francesco Lo Voi, said that Donzelli’s “based on environmental hearings by the prison administration,” Francesco Presta of the Ndrangheta and camorrist Francesco Di Maio from the Cospito and Casalesi clan, which took place on 28 December, His usual conversations with Cospito on January 12, 2023 would result in a sort of opposing “axis” between the anarchist and the bosses under his maximum security detention regime.

Donzelli’s defense

“What I was reporting was not wiretaps, but a speech taken in prison that was included in the Justice Department’s report, the content of which I could be aware of as a deputy. Instead of explaining why Democratic Party lawmakers went to see Cospito and what they think about 41-bis, attack me.” says. Corriere della SeraGiovanni Donzelli, who was also vice-chairman of Copasir (parliamentary committee for the security of the Republic), precisely regarding the fact that he brought back to the Assembly a conversation that was intercepted between Cospito and a member of the Casalesi clan.

“They didn’t give me any confidential documents – he continues – I asked the Undersecretary of Justice Andrea Delmastro for more information on the Cospito incident”. “If I, or any member of Copasir, disclose information they have obtained through their role in Copasir, during Copasir sessions, or by reviewing Copasir documents, they better resign their case because it has nothing to do with it. It’s clear how things are going”, Donzelli more then repeated in Agorà.

Cospito’s defense: “Prosecutors are clarifying matters”

“It’s something the judiciary needs to clarify. We need to determine if there has been a violation,” asks Flavio Rossi Albertini, a lawyer defending Alfredo Cospito. In what context were these hearings made? We are in a state of law and there are authorities in charge of evaluating the possibility of committing a possible crime. In order to investigate what happened, an investigation file should be opened even against unknown persons”.

Regarding his client, he adds: “He is not suicidal, does not want to die, and is ready to take a break from his hunger strike if the 41-bis law is suspended. But as an anarchist, the measure imposed on him is not just a personal war: he does not limit himself to revealing the illegitimacy of his measure, but also to expose the illegitimacy of his action. condemns the bis regime as a human rights violation”.

Source: Today IT