Cospito case, Meloni on the attack on the Tg2 crew: we will not back down

Very high tension across Italy over the Cospito affair. After the attacks on Italian diplomatic representations in half of Europe and the confrontations with the forces of order registered in the center of Rome, the protests of the anarcho-insurrectionist fringes do not diminish. The last episode in chronological order took place on the night of January 31 in front of the Ópera prison, where the anarchist terrorist Alfredo Cospito is being held under the 41 bis regime. A Tg2 team was attacked right in front of the prison. Among the victims was also the journalist Stefano Fumagalli. For this reason, Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni wanted to express all her solidarity with the journalists and Tg2 operators and assured that the State will not retreat an inch in the face of threats or intimidation by terrorists. «I would like to express full solidarity with the journalist Stefano Fumagalli and the Tg2 team for the attack suffered in front of the Opera prison. I thank the police forces for intervening to prevent the worst. We do not back down in the face of intimidation and threats.” Then, on Twitter, Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni.

But what happened in front of the Opera prison? A Tg2 crew was attacked. And it was the journalist Stefano Fumagalli himself who told it during the Tg2 Post on Tuesday, January 31st. “200 meters from here we saw about twenty people throwing objects at the prison, they all had their faces covered – said the journalist, chased by at least three individuals through the fields and we fled in a quick run. Fortunately the police arrived and everything was resolved but there were moments of great tension”

Source: IL Tempo