Roberto Saviano is on trial for his posts against Salvini: “I’m proud to be accused”

“I’m proud to be accused” Roberto Saviano said at the first hearing of the case, where the author was accused of slandering Matteo Salvini for some of his posts dating back to June 2018. Salvini was described in one of the posts as “the minister of evil life”. Saviano is accused of tarnishing the leader of the Northern League. The trial lasted a few minutes. The judge adjourned the hearing to June 1, when Matteo Salvini will be heard.

“I am proud to be charged in this case because I was given the opportunity to testify in court, not to allow party leaders and ministers to limit the possibility of criticism. It was a cry,” Saviano said in the courtroom.

“Today, I am defending myself against the Deputy Speaker of the Parliament, while I have an ongoing case with the Speaker of the Parliament and the Minister of Culture has filed a lawsuit against me.” Defended by attorney Antonio Nobile, the author, referring to the then Minister of the Interior, “canceled the escort Salvini had sought for years, meant to drive me out of the country, just as had been hoped, in the elections that saw the birth of the second government, by thousands of sympathizers”.

Source: Today IT