Cospito case, Nordio in the Senate: “We will not be left behind the judiciary”

Cospito case, Nordio in the Senate: “We will not be left behind the judiciary”

No step back, despite the ongoing storm and the opening of a case by the Public Prosecutor’s Office in Rome following the complaint filed by AVS deputy Angelo Bonelli. In the aftermath of Giovanni Donzelli’s revelations in the Chamber of Deputies of conversations in prison between the anarchist Alfredo Cospito and some exponents of the ‘Ndrangheta and the Camorra, all under the 41 bis regime, neither the FDI deputy nor the undersecretary of Justice Andrea Delmastro – who provided the information to his party colleague – intends to leave their respective positions, as vehemently requested by the opposition.

Thus, while the deputy prime ministers Matteo Salvini and Antonio Tajani are cautious on the subject (“I don’t think that such important positions can be questioned by a parliamentary controversy in the afternoon”, words of the leader of the Northern League, “there is a jury of It’s an honor that he’s going to take care of the case, it’s not up to me to deal with it” those of the FI coordinator), the two protagonists go straight. “I have no intention of resigning”, interrupted Donzelli at the end of a Copasir meeting, of which he is vice-president. Demastro’s position is identical, reconstructing what happened near Montecitorio shortly before the urgent information from the Minister of Justice, Carlo Nordio, on the Cospito case: “The information provided to Donzelli was contained in a report by the DAP concerning the observations in the arrest, no wiretapping or tapping. I simply replied to a deputy, and I would have done the same with the opposition, about non-classified documents”.

In short, for the undersecretary, the fuss that arose is unjustified. Even because, “I only have one certainty, that those documents were not classified, therefore the report that Nordio will make will reveal that, because unfortunately, for those who have been stirring the murky waters at this moment, this is an indisputable truth”.

In fact, the Guardian of the Seals seems to be blocking the Chamber, although in the case in question he explains, however, that “information was cited regarding circumstances that occurred in the special prison regime referred to in article 41-bis. It is understood that, as a matter of principle, all records referring to prisoners under the 41-bis regime are by nature sensitive, which is why, for the purpose of their ostension, prior verification and evaluation of their content is necessary. of secrecy they have, if and who could have knowledge of them and if the recipient could, in turn, disclose them or share them with third parties”.

The minister thus recalls having already asked yesterday “my chief of staff to reconstitute what happened. These questions concern a complex, delicate subject, susceptible in some aspects to different interpretations”. In addition, the investigation opened by the Public Prosecutor’s Office in Rome was also added, “a new element, which at this time, due to the respect due to the work of investigators, we cannot fail to take into account”. The minister then clarified in the Senate that “we are not going to stay behind the judiciary of Rome, we are not going to find an alibi for the existence of this possible investigation to say that we are washing our hands and we will only answer for the result of the investigation. However, there are procedural boundaries that must be respected and that is why we will respond when we have completed this investigation.”

However, the oppositions attack together, with Pd and M5s at the forefront asking Nordio to revoke Delmastro’s powers and the Prime Minister, Giorgia Meloni, to take an official position. “Deputy of Nordio in Justice violates secrecy, passes secrecy on what mafiosi with less than 41 bis say to the vice-president of Copasir who uses them to denigrate the opposition. Three reasons, each one sufficient for Donzelli and Demastro to leave. # Let’s not give up “, writes the secretary Enrico Letta on Twitter, while Matteo Renzi also puts the prime minister in the crosshairs: “Those who question the prime minister are right. So far Meloni has been good in making it clear that the internal difficulties of most of them derived from their allies, this time the problem is between the Minister of Justice, elected with the Brothers of Italy, and two FdI columns that say exactly the opposite of what the Minister has said so far. this issue sooner or later you will have to resolve”.

Source: IL Tempo