Ouwehand (PvdD) back in Parliament: “We are the perfect party for rural people”

Ouwehand (PvdD) back in Parliament: “We are the perfect party for rural people”

Esther Ouwehand is back in the House of Representatives today. The party leader and head of the Party for the Animals has been sick and ill at home since October due to overwork. This was the second time in his political career. She says she has now learned to be more respectful of her boundaries.

“I had to intervene to heal. Just as we need to stop overexploiting the world, we need to stop overexploiting ourselves. There is no agenda anymore because there is so much going on here.”

The workload of Members of the European Parliament is a hot topic. Representatives of the public are regularly overwhelmed or overworked and sit at home for a while. According to Ouwehand, this is not surprising given how the Cabinet has treated the House of Representatives. Rutte doesn’t respect proportions, she thinks.

the room is locked

As an example, he cites the case of surcharges, which opposition lawmakers had to chase after the government to get to the heart of the matter. Ouwehand says the room is regularly rejected by the cabinet. Pieter Omtzigt, who brought the incident to light, had been sick at home for several weeks.

According to the election law, a deputy can be changed for sixteen weeks due to illness. Eva Akerboom took over the seat from Ouwehand during this period, while Christine Teunissen served as interim party leader. After the sick note, Ouwehand does not need to swear again.

He returns to an important political moment. Provincial council elections will be held one month later. Ouwehand’s party is doing well in the polls and could be pictured for participation in provincial coalitions. Since last year the Party for the Animals has also become part of the government in some municipalities such as Groningen and Amersfoort.

These are big cities, but Ouwehand wants to get rid of the image that their party is primarily an urban party. “First and foremost, we are a party that fights for the interests of rural people,” he says. “They are stuck in the stench or the toxic exhaust fumes of intensive farming.”

“It is important for them that we intervene. What is good for nature and animals is automatically good for people in the country.” Ouwehand says it applies to farmers as well because according to him, only Rabobank and feed producers benefit from the current system.


He also believes there is a lot of rural support for his party, although this is hardly heard. Out of fear, says Ouwehand. “I have spoken to very concerned people. They say: I can protest the arrival of a mega barn, but the farmer is the councilman’s brother-in-law.”

“Or: I can’t let my kids play in my yard just because a toxic truck is passing by. But if I say anything against it, I can’t join the carnival club. There are many people who do not dare to speak but suffer from intensive farming in the Netherlands.”

Source: NOS