Silvio Berlusconi on anarchists and the Cospito case: Italy must not give in to blackmail

Silvio Berlusconi on anarchists and the Cospito case: Italy must not give in to blackmail

Silvio Berlusconi gets to the heart of the ongoing debate over the Cospito case. The president of Forza Italia does not hesitate and reiterates the need to create a barrier and a wall against the threats and violent blackmail of terrorists who want to corner the rule of law. At the same time, however, the former prime minister stresses the importance of guaranteeing human dignity to prisoners. «Certainly the international scenario is very complex and very worrying. But I would be very cautious in imagining links between very distant events – he says in an interview with Giornale Silvio Berlusconi, regarding the Cospito case and the attacks on various Italian diplomatic representations abroad – I want to be extremely clear about one thing, however: the Italy must not submit to any blackmail or threat. Rule of law rules do not negotiate with anyone. The use of violent or even terrorist methods, whatever their origin, cannot lead to any other response than the utmost firmness. It has to operate – as it is actually being done – without any negotiation and any concessions outside the law”.

“Depriving a human being of personal freedom is a very serious thing, but in some cases necessary. I am a guarantor, which means paying the utmost attention to safeguarding a possible innocent person, but I am convinced that the real culprits must also be severely punished – underlines the former prime minister – The protection of the health of all people, even those arrested , is is a sacred principle. The possibility of controlling the conditions of a prison and the health conditions of prisoners are among the prerogatives of parliamentarians. If prison becomes a place of torture, violence, promiscuity, not only does it fail to re-educate prisoners, it has the opposite effect: even those who were punished for a minor offense in prison run the risk of becoming real criminals. Not to mention those who are in prison awaiting trial and are often acquitted because they are innocent”.

As for the reform of justice, for Berlusconi it is “one of the cornerstones of the legislative pact. Minister Nordio – who was himself an important magistrate – drew up an organic framework of reforms that absolutely coincides with our vision of justice. The reform we want may displease some leftists and some magistrates, but it also has the consent of part of the opposition. of the judicial system. It does not contain anything against the judiciary, on the contrary, it aims to value the majority of magistrates who work with seriousness, professionalism and deep sense of justice. Of course, a small but noisy minority will regret it, the one who said that “there are no innocent people, only the undiscovered culprits”, the one who would like to be able to insinuate himself into everyone’s private life, as happened in Germany st and as this is the case today in communist China, treating all citizens as suspects of being mobsters or terrorists.Perhaps this would uncover a few more crimes, but But the price that many innocent, many decent people would have to pay would be completely unacceptable”.

Source: IL Tempo