Differentiated autonomy was affirmed. Zaia: “Historical day”. Calenda: “It’s a joke”

The Council of Ministers approved the differentiated autonomy bill. An endorsement lauded by many members of the majority as “a victory, the first important step forward” is “clever” for the opposition’s upcoming regional elections.

According to the agencies, Minister Roberto Calderoli’s bill would be unanimously approved by the applause of those present; now the bill must pass for review by the joint State-Territory-Cities Conference.

Differentiated autonomy is one of the League’s most valuable projects for a long time targeting this bill. It was, first of all, the governors of the northern regions who strongly sought this reform; and indeed the first “joyed” at the goal achieved, Veneto president Luca Zaia: “I thank Salvini for spending politically and pushing this match forward”, commenting on Adnkronos’ microphones. “A historic day is the beginning, not the end of a journey. My applause to the government, Prime Minister Giorgia, Minister Calderoli and the whole government, because the law of differentiated autonomy is getting the green light” is not only a major reform respecting the Charter, but a great consistency as well. “Our model is not a destructive centralism, but an inclusive federalism that certainly does not undermine the unity of the country,” Zaia said.

It is clear that the opponents are of the opposite view. Along with Carlo Calenda, the leader of Action, who openly said that the government is “mocking” about the next regional elections: “The approval of the Autonomy Bill in the CdM is yet another election mockery of a policy that propagandizes over the institutional structure. This work in 6 months it comes to parliament, but they ratify it hastily and a week before the regional elections”.

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Source: Today IT