Government, green light to the differentiated autonomy bill. Meloni: “We keep our promises”

The government goes its own way. The green light for the differentiated autonomy bill has arrived at the Council of Ministers, as proposed by the Minister of Regional Affairs, Roberto Calderoli. The text was unanimously approved by the MDL, accompanied by applause from those present. “This provision demonstrates once again that this government will fulfill its commitments, coherence with the mandate given by the citizens, for us, is a compass” the words of Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni during the meeting that gave the green light.

The report that accompanies the bill shows that «differentiated autonomy may represent a turning point with regard to the constraints that currently prevent the full satisfaction of rights at the territorial level and the enhancement of the potential of territorial autonomies. With differentiated autonomy, there is no intention of dividing the country, nor of favoring regions that already travel at a different speed than the weakest areas of Italy. The hope is that everyone will pick up speed: both areas of the country that have autonomy can speed up and those that can finally grow. To this end, the equalization fund provided for in article 119, paragraph three, of the Constitution, must also be used by regions that do not claim differentiated autonomy. This is how Italy grows».

“The present bill, following a research work with the prior involvement of the Conference of the Regions, is subject to the opinion of the Joint Conference and has as its guiding principle the need to share with Parliament the most important decisions for the implementation of the asymmetric regionalism . This need – we reread – already manifests itself in the very choice of entrusting an ordinary law of Parliament with the task of generally implementing the constitutional provisions on differentiated autonomy. In this way, the initiatives that each interested Region wishes to submit from time to time to the Government and the Assembly of the Republic will be accompanied by the compliments that the legislator has deemed necessary. Still on the role of Parliament, given the constitutional text that is limited to referring only to the law that approves an agreement already signed, the basic idea is to increase the involvement of the Chambers from the preliminary stage of the agreements that will be analyzed by the bodies competent parliamentarians, who may manifest themselves through documents addressed within a period of sixty days, according to the regulations of each Chamber”.

“The system, therefore – points out the report – is designed in such a way that, when the text of the bill approving the agreement reaches the Chambers, they will already have the opportunity to make a careful and adequate examination, deciding on the agreement regime prior notice, allowing the Government and the Regions, which sign the agreement, to know in advance the indications of the Parliament, whose substantial role is recognized”. After approval, Matteo Salvini sent a message to his followers in the Lega chats to highlight the work done towards the approval of the project.

Source: IL Tempo