“They are ferries”: Giorgia Meloni’s attack on NGO ships

From the “water taxis” of Luigi Di Maio to the “ferries” of Giorgia Meloni. Humanitarian ships are always on target. “NGOs also want to stay on the African coast for weeks: they take migrants and don’t go to the port, they wait to fill the ship and take it to the port they are considering. It’s more of a ferry service than a lifeboat. service…”.

Migrants, Meloni: “NGOs want to stay away from African coasts for weeks”

Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni raises the tone in an interview with Dritto and Rovescio at the Retequattro. “They say Ancona is far away, the migrants are sick… but they stay on the ship for weeks to rescue other migrants. If they are rescued, they must be taken to the port immediately”. “We have passed a decree enforcing the rules that NGOs object to because they want to stay on the African coast for weeks, wait for the ship to fill up and take it to the port they think when it is full,” says Meloni. Reminds me of the words of former minister Luigi Di Maio in 2017: “We are dealing with an incident where ships take migrants to sea and do not save them when they are about to drown; for me they are taxis” .

“The decision and practice to allocate remote ports for the disembarkation of people rescued at sea risks depriving people in need of life-saving assistance from NGOs on the Mediterranean’s deadliest migration route.” Excerpt from a letter from the Council of Europe Commissioner for Human Rights to Matteo Piantedosi, Minister of the Interior. A letter asking Italy not only to “retract or review” the decree on NGOs, but also to suspend the agreement with Libya on the fight against illegal immigration. Concerns are also expressed about the way returns are carried out “by special ships from Italy to Greece”, recalling Strasbourg’s recommendation to “end pushbacks in Europe”.

NGO ships (which, whatever the authoritative advocates of this government may say, have never been proven to support a departure from North Africa) rescued “only” a minimal percentage of migrants landed in Italy in 2023: small boats as far as Lampedusa (the last In times gone by, we’re seeing more and more alarmingly fragile metal hulls, ships with outboard motors, made of sheet metal or even unpainted, with a large imbalance) or being rescued by coast guard and patrol boats. the financial police, who then transferred the men, women and children to Italian ports (nearby, Sicily and Calabria). More than 4,400 migrants have been rescued since January 1, and coast guard patrol boats either landed by the yellow flames or reached Italy by autonomous landings. Just over 500 were rescued by aid ships. To keep in mind, when tackling the issue: Ong or not, you go anyway and you land anyway.

Meloni’s European plan for immigrants

Given the extraordinary European Council scheduled for February 9 and 10 in Brussels, two European capitals are looking for ‘allies’ (or at least not enemies) in one day.

Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni will be in Stockholm today (Sweden is the current president of the EU) and in the afternoon in Berlin, the lead country of the Union. The main themes will be two: managing migration flows and promoting economic competitiveness, along with changing the rules on state aid. Here at the first point we stay on the migration from North Africa. The most difficult meeting is with Swedish Prime Minister Ulf Kristersson. On the issue of migrants, Italy aims for a European intervention based on three pillars: two short-term and the other forward-looking. Meloni wants a European solution that also ensures the protection of the Union’s borders along the Central Mediterranean route, supports Italy and provides a truly common management of reception for those who have the right to stay and repatriations.

Moreover, in perspective, Rome wants more European presence in Africa to encourage its development and thus deter secession. A project outlined by the Prime Minister in his ‘Mattei Plan’: a “non-predatory” model of cooperation, as was mentioned in Algeria a few days ago. However, there is no sign that the current system will change on the agenda of the Swedish presidency: “There will be no agreement on immigration during the Swedish presidency,” he said. Finance Times Lars Danielsson, ambassador of the Swedish representation in Brussels. To Kristersson, Meloni will explain Italy’s position, citing the need to avoid divisions in Europe. The German government has criticized Italy’s “hard stance” on NGOs in recent weeks and said it is willing to welcome them, but Scholz still has to deal with a system that is about to collapse with 1.2 million immigrants registered over the past twelve years. month (one million from Ukraine only).

New disaster in Lampedusa sea

Meanwhile, a new tragedy is unfolding in the Lampedusa sea. A boat was rescued by a Coast Guard patrol boat in Sar Malta waters. It was determined that there were 46 people on board and 8 lifeless bodies, 3 of which were women. After a break of several days, the landings in Lampedusa resumed due to bad weather conditions. In the last few hours, 75 people reached the island on two different landings. The first vessel carrying 37 immigrants was stopped by the Port Authority about 22 miles away. Among them are 14 women and 3 minors. The second group of 38 men, 2 of whom were women, were instead followed by a Finance Police patrol boat in a small boat about 6 feet long, about 20 miles off the island of Lampione.

Source: Today IT