Fratelli d’Italia’s slight decline in recent political polls

The decline in Fratelli d’Italia is confirmed, according to the latest political poll conducted by Emg Different for Rai from January 26-30. The new poll comes after polls earlier in the week that showed the same trend: Giorgia Meloni’s party actually fell from -0.3% to 27.5% within a week.

Swg’s poll for TgLa7 earlier in the week revealed how Fratelli d’Italia has always, permanently, been first-party. However, it is slightly down, a decrease of 0.4% from the previous week, still at a remarkable level of 30.4 percent. In any case, political polls, including Emg’s for public television, show a distance of about 10 points between Melon’s movement and the two main centre-left oppositions (though they still gain something in terms of consensus).

The 5-star movement is bullish again, holding at 17.9%. The Democratic Party recovers and reaches 17.7%. Salvini’s Lega dropped slightly to 8.6%, but still well ahead of Calenda’s Third Pole and Renzi, who lost 0.3% in a week to 7.9%. More than 7% instead of Forza Italia, which has returned to growth after weeks of strong stalemate. Finally, for Emg, the alliance of Verdi-Sol with 3.6%, PiùEuropa with 2.4%, ItalExit-Paragone with 2.2%, Noi Moderati-Lupi with 1.3% and Unione Popolare- with 1.3%. De Magistris.

The number of undecideds who abstain the most is always impressive: 39.4%, almost 4 out of 10 Italians are not going to vote or do not know who to vote for.

  • Italy’s Brothers 27.5
  • 5 star movement 17.9
  • Democratic Party – PSI – Article 1 17.7
  • league 8.6
  • Calenda Action-Italia Viva 7.9
  • go to Italy 7.2
  • Italian Left – Green Europe 3.6
  • +Europe 2.4
  • Comparative Italexit 2.2
  • Popular League (De Magistris) 1.3
  • We Are Moderate (We with Italy – Courage Italy – Central Italy – UDC) 1.3
  • Other side 2.4
  • Undecided+no vote: 39.4%

Source: Today IT