Northern League Senator Andrea Ostellari detained

Paduan lawyer Andrea Ostellari, 48, member of the Northern League and current Under-Secretary of Justice, will be placed under surveillance over the controversy surrounding the anarchist terrorist Alfredo Cospito’s fight against hard labor and life imprisonment. Corriere del Veneto writes this by explaining that Carroccio’s representative will end up at the sight of the anarchists, dealing with the very treatment of prisoners within his jurisdiction.

Tensions are high today due to the expected demonstrations of groups that refer to anarchist ideology.

Since yesterday, the Faculty of Letters of the Sapienza University of Rome has been occupied by students, the Cambiare Rotta community, Osa and the anarchists at the end of a popular assembly held in solidarity with Alfredo Cospito against 41 bis and life imprisonment. obstacle. According to the students’ intentions, the occupation should continue until the demonstration scheduled for tomorrow.

On the ‘Anarchist Revolution’ website we read a sort of call to arms for today in front of Italian embassies around the world.

Source: Today IT