Cospito, Demastro increases the dose: from the Pd bow to the mafia. He and Ostellari under escort

Undersecretary of Justice Andrea Delmastro was placed in custody, a decision that goes hand in hand with the case of anarchist Alfredo Cospito. Security attention on Demastro would have increased: the undersecretary was in fact explained how to open any envelopes and the sensitive areas to avoid, among them, for example, the city of Turin. The preliminary investigation for assigning the escort also concerns Undersecretary Andrea Ostellari, who has the delegation for the treatment of detainees. The decision – according to Interior Ministry sources cited by Adnkronos – will come to the table of the central committee for order and security chaired by the mayor of Rome on February 10th. In the meantime, “provisional protection” was approved for the two undersecretaries.

Meanwhile, the exponent of the Brothers of Italy returns to attack the left that calls for his resignation and that of Giovanni Donzelli after the intervention in the Chamber about the meeting in prison between members of the Democratic Party and Cospito. “It seems absurd to me that my political opponents, who never miss an opportunity to ask for the withdrawal of the State secret in so many dramatic dossiers such as those of Ustica and the main streets of the mafia, today demand exactly the opposite”, says the Undersecretary of Justice in an interview with Biellese. Why would they do this? “Because they have something uncomfortable to hide – he argues -. Donzelli mentioned in court the fact that, while Cospito was talking to the mobsters in prison, he was also receiving a visit from a delegation of the Democratic Party. Well, in an interview with the daily newspaper, Verini confirmed this visit, but above all also that Cospito said he would only speak to them after the delegation had also heard two heads Di Maio and Presta, very interested in the abolition of 41 bis”, he adds.

“A request that the Pd delegation did not refuse by agreeing to make this ‘bow’ when talking to the two criminals. Donzelli knew nothing about it, but Verini’s interview confirms the facts”, says Demastro with an expression, that of bowing, intended to trigger new controversies.

Source: IL Tempo