Government, Renzi’s prophecy about the majority: the turnaround date

Government, Renzi’s prophecy about the majority: the turnaround date

2024 will be the year of change. Of solid confirmations or small revolutions. Matteo Renzi, on several occasions, indicated that that date was the right time to launch his own offensive. To enlarge the current majority in the center? Or topple him and create a new technical executive, perhaps led by Mario Draghi? Impossible to unravel this enigma on February 3, 2023. In such a fluid political phase, what seems right today becomes light years of reality tomorrow.

But why exactly 2024? In twelve months there will be elections in Europe and in many important municipalities, from Florence to Bergamo, from Modena to Rovigo, via Prato and Pavia. The alliances of the past, those that saw the Third Pole join the Democratic Party in every corner of the boot, are far from obvious. And they will also be determined by who the dem’s future secretary will be and what line he will take with the Five Stars.

If Stefano Bonaccini or Elly Schlein re-propose the progressive field scheme, it is not excluded that the Rignano native could look to the right. There are realities, mainly Florence, in which a possible agreement between the Third Pole and the moderates could overthrow a prediction that has been almost taken for granted for thirty years. A small, big revolution. The European elections will be very important due to the fragile internal relations of the centre-right majority. A Fdi result of more than 30%, accompanied by a substantial confirmation of the targets achieved in past policies for Lega and Forza Italia (both around 7%), could bring new bumps to Palazzo Chigi.

It is not new that Silvio Berlusconi’s party is going through a phase of great internal discussions. Even if Matteo Salvini’s leadership is less solid than it was four years ago. In a magnum sea of ​​uncertainties and hypotheses, a solid point of this period is the total absence of the Democratic Party from the current political scenes. The biblical times of the former PCI, the baroque liturgies of the next congress and a ruling class that is not among the best run the risk of putting in a dark and hidden corner what, until a few months ago, was considered the greatest and most important party of the Italian left.

Source: IL Tempo