“I’m not a politician, I don’t do politics”: Andrea Petro’s response to Nicolás

Various family quarrels. That is what has been happening around the president in recent weeks Gustavus Petro after Andrea and Nicholas two of his children faced each other on social networks with various accusations.

In an interview with EL HERALDO, the deputy and leader in the Atlantic pointed out that he has no regrets for his behavior. This after the president’s son was seen with relatives of convicted former congressman Musa Besaile.

“I don’t need to moderate my behavior because I don’t commit a crime, I just do my social life like I did before my father was president,” he replied to questions recently received from his sister. Andrew Petro.

Likewise, he claimed: “I have always put on and sweated the shirt of the political project, not only mine but also my father’s and it seems unfair that people who have never been in the congregations, in the neighborhoods or who have never participated in the project came to tell me that I can’t politics”.

In response to these statements, Andrea Petro stated that she is not a politician and does not engage in politics. “I refuse to do the same and follow in his footsteps as the children of the president have done. I am not a politician, I do not do politics, my social work is for the people and for the people. New responsibilities and a public life respect,” he pointed to his brother’s statements.

It should be remembered that the economist Andrea Petro pointed out at the time that Nicolás “power had gone to his head” and that he should therefore behave better.

Source: El Heraldo