Amsterdam wants to extend the admission of asylum seekers on a cruise ship by six months

The MS Galaxy cruise ship in Amsterdam may remain open as a pick-up location for another six months. Reception Member Groot Wassink wrote this in a letter to City Council after Foreign Minister Van der Burg (Justice and Security) asked him to wait longer for the ship for admission.

The letter from the D66 councilor also states that the number of reception places for the ship in Westelijk Havengebied will be increased from 1000 to a maximum of 1500.

The cruise ship arrived in September. Since October, people who are unable to go to the normal places of the Central Office for Receiving Asylum Seekers (COA) due to the crisis in Dutch asylum admissions have been taken care of.

‘feel good atmosphere’

Shelter has been evaluated in the last four months. “The welcome on board is very good. The atmosphere is calm and friendly,” says Groot Wassink’s letter

He goes on to say that the ship did not provide ideal shelter. However, the evaluation shows that “many of the evaluation criteria of the COA have been met or acceptable alternatives have been developed”.

Therefore, if Groot Wassink has his way, the shelter will be extended by at least six months, until at least October 4, 2023. The Amsterdam Council has yet to vote on its proposal.

Source: NOS