“State under attack”. Meloni calls for unity against anarchists: stop dividing us, real threat

“Mine is an appeal I make to everyone and it is not to divide us in the face of something like this”. Giorgia Meloni does not hide her fears for the latest actions of the anarchists and, during a press conference in Berlin after the meeting with German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, she answered a question about the case of Alfredo Cospito and the statements of Undersecretary Andrea Delmastro: “At this moment we have a problem that seems to me that many are underestimating. There is the Italian State under attack by the anarchists, in Italy and in their offices abroad, with the aim of abolishing an instrument that we consider effective. It’s the same goal as the mafia. In the face of a growing threat, I think we should all think on a higher level, without dividing ourselves. There is a real threat today and I would like to hold everyone accountable. The appeal to me and everyone is not to divide us in the face of a real threat, the appeal is to everyone.”

“As I don’t think the international press is interested in this debate, I will be happy to answer tomorrow morning”, added Meloni, responding to those who asked him if he confirmed the confidence of Andrea Delmastro and Giovanni Donzelli in their functions. “If I had to make a list of what I’ve been accused of in the last ten years, we’d talk about days and days… never a victory”, he concludes about the prime minister on the political case of the week.

Source: IL Tempo