State secretary asks for extension of emergency measures for asylum seekers

State secretary asks for extension of emergency measures for asylum seekers

Crisis shelter for asylum seekers should stay open longer than 1 April. Foreign Minister Van der Burg asked the mayors of the Security Council about this.

“We really can’t miss these points,” van der Burg said. Security Council Chairman Hubert Bruls said many mayors responded positively to the request.

third country nationals

Concerning so-called third-country nationals, a group of about 4,900 foreigners who were in Ukraine when the war broke out but were not Ukrainian citizens was also discussed.

These third-country nationals now have the same rights as Ukrainian refugees and are also cared for at the reception for Ukrainians, but this arrangement expires on March 5. If necessary, it should then be submitted to the Central Office for the Admission of Asylum Seekers (COA).

“The mayors said almost unanimously: Extend the arrangement for this group,” Van der Burg said. “Not as a group, but individually. But do not send them from one place to another in bulk.” The Foreign Minister described it as a constructive proposal that he would consider.

on the street

Hubert Bruls, the mayor of Nijmegen and chairman of the Security Council, fears that if the regulation is repealed, third-country nationals will “roam the streets” and their rights will be largely lost. Bruls also said that clarity on their fate should be obtained soon. “Because there is a month left until March 5th.”

Criticism came from mayors as well. “We are coming to the end of the voltage curve,” says Ton Heerts, mayor of Apeldoorn. Leeuwarden Mayor Sybrand Buma said mayors don’t care where they stand. “But it’s up to us to show what we can do and where the limits are.”

stick plaster

Mayors are concerned about the shortage of places for asylum seekers and shelter for Ukrainians who appear to be staying in the Netherlands longer than expected. There is a threat of shortage of 38,000 admission places this year. Many contracts with municipalities for emergency shelters are about to expire. The COA estimates that more asylum seekers will arrive in the Netherlands from the spring and 75,500 places will be needed next year.

Foreign Minister Van der Burg is targeting 19,000 additional places to prevent refugees from having to sleep outside like last year. But he couldn’t find those places tonight, he said. “The mayors’ response has been very helpful, but I’m not there yet. Additional structural locations are needed. This is definitely a patch until there are more structural places.”

Van der Burg had previously written to the House of Representatives that “no opportunity should be missed”. Small-scale recordings by social organizations and churches are also considered, as is the use of atypical recording sites such as cruise ships. He says the places should be built before summer comes.

The refugee work foundation cannot decide whether these 19,000 places will be fulfilled. “Looking back at the past, we see that in practice sometimes things go wrong. And we can no longer afford any more problems.”

Source: NOS