Anarchists escorted at Donzelli

He also accompanies Giovanni Donzelli, the vice-president of Copasir and the vice-president of the Italian Brotherhood, who exposed the links between Alfredo Cospito and the mafia in 41 bis, and tensions are rising in the face of the anarchist threat. Prior to that, the Under-Secretary of Justice Andrea Delmastro and the League Under-Secretary Andrea Ostellari had already been granted protection.

Undersecretary of Justice Andrea Delmastro was detained. It also explains how to open envelopes and sensitive areas to avoid, including the city of Turin, for example. The same goes for Andrea Ostellari, who has been detained following recent tensions over the arrest of anarchist Alfredo Cospito under the 41 bis regime. Ostellari’s mandate includes, in fact, the treatment of prisoners, which is why he too has become the target of anarchists.

Even before Donzelli’s news, Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni had commented that “there are two new people under surveillance today and this is never a victory, whatever the tones and debates used in Parliament”.

Source: Today IT