Cospito, Donzelli also ends up under guard. Fire Saturday for demonstrations

It worsens the conditions of Alfredo Cospito, detained in the prison of Ópera, number 41 bis. And tension increases due to anarchist demonstrations, which are also scheduled for the next few days. Undersecretaries for Justice Andrea Delmastro Delle Vedove and Andrea Ostellari and deputy Giovanni Donzelli are under guard (the choice was made late in the evening). Delmastro also received indications of caution when opening envelopes and “sensitive” places to avoid. The alert remains high for demonstrations by anarchist groups in the coming days and the level of attention on the web is increasing – as confirmed by Ivano Gabrielli, director of the police service of postal and communications – in Milan tomorrow a garrison is expected in front of the Opera prison at 2:30 pm, as well as in Naples, where today a paper bomb exploded in via Monteoliveto, in front of the central post office. So far there have been no complaints, but it is not excluded that it could have been an attack by anarchists.

The appointment in Rome is for Saturday, February 4, in Piazza Vittorio, after last Saturday’s clashes with the police in Trastevere, where a police officer was injured while throwing objects at the security forces. Today, instead, at the Sapienza University of Rome, where the Faculty of Arts was occupied yesterday, shocking posters have been distributed. To inflame the mood, a pamphlet with the words “Who are the Cospito killers?” with the faces on a black background of the President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella, the Minister of Justice Carlo Nordio and the former Minister of Justice Marta Cartabia, the Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni. And again the face of Anna Maria Loreto, chief prosecutor of Turin, of Giovanni Russo, head of the DAP and of the national anti-mafia and anti-terrorism prosecutor Giovanni Melillo.

The conditions of the anarchist detained under the 41bis regime in the Ópera prison “are nothing short of alarming and are getting worse day by day, hour by hour”. So said Ilaria Cucchi, senator of Avs, after visiting Cospito who “has no intention of interrupting the hunger strike” because for him “it is a political struggle”. Cospito has indeed decided not to submit to psychiatric examination and specifies that he does not want force-feeding even when the situation gets worse. Cospito has stopped taking the supplements and is drinking sugar water.

Source: IL Tempo