Cospito, Italy under attack by anarchists. Demastro accuses the Democratic Party: “Bow down to the mafia”

Tensions in the Cospito case continue to mount, and not just from a public order standpoint. On the day that shocking posters appeared in Sapienza with the faces of the “Cospito killers” – which include, among others, the head of state Sergio Mattarella, Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni and Minister of Justice Carlo Nordio – and the escort for the undersecretaries of Justice Ostellari and Andrea Delmastro and for the vice-president of Copasir Giovanni Donzelli, also increases the political controversy, which runs the risk of ending up in court. Demastro himself accuses the Democratic Party of “bowing to the mafia”. The dem announces lawsuit. Secretary Letta denounces the “lynching” of the Brothers in Italy and the silences of Meloni, as well as the leader of the 5 Star Movement, Giuseppe Conte. The long tail of the clash reaches the Prime Minister in Germany: during a press conference with Chancellor Olaf Scholz, Meloni discusses the merits of the controversies involving the two deputies of the Brothers of Italy, Demastro and Donzelli, and on the interceptions revealed by this ‘last in court to attack the Democratic Party. “I don’t think it’s a subject that interests the international press and tomorrow I’ll respond with pleasure”, he says, but he adds: “Right now we have a problem that many are underestimating: the Italian State is being attacked by anarchists. national borders”. For this, Meloni calls everyone to “responsibility”, explaining that the attacks aim to weaken the institution of hard prison, an objective “which the mafia also aims at”.

Words that don’t seem destined to appease souls. “Meloni escapes”, the Pd and M5S respond in unison. What stood out was Undersecretary Delmastro’s attack on the Democratic Party. In an interview with the newspaper Il Biellese he resumes the visit of dem deputies to the anarchist leader in prison and states that “Cospito said he would only speak to them after the delegation also heard two chiefs Di Maio and Presta, very interested in the abolition of 41 bis. Request that the Democratic Party delegation did not refuse, accepting to make this ‘bow’ speaking with the two criminals. The left will have to give an opinion with some explanation about this bow to the mafia “. And – he continues – “the polemics of our opponents until now have only helped to place us in the terrorists’ sights, so much so that I am under guard”. Open the sky. The dem convene an emergency meeting of the parliamentary groups on Zoom, which results in them filing lawsuits and a claim for compensation against Demastro and Donzelli. “We are sure that the two parliamentarians will assume responsibility for their serious denunciations without hiding behind parliamentary immunity”, filter the dem groups, while the Nazareno continue to ask that the two exponents of the FdI leave their positions” and, “if don’t do this, ask Giorgia Meloni to do this, who cannot continue to cover up these behaviors.” ?”.

Also for the leader of the M5S, Giuseppe Conte, “the silence of Meloni makes noise”, whose “last time he responded to journalists at a conference dates from 2022”. The Third Pole, with leader Carlo Calenda, instead expressed “deep disappointment with Nordio’s work in this case”. On the opposite side, the majority took a stand, expressing solidarity with the two parliamentarians placed in custody. “Full support for Andrea Ostellari. Let’s go ahead without fear”, is the tweet of Deputy Prime Minister and League leader Matteo Salvini. In an attempt to restore calm, the presidents of the Senate and the Chamber intervened in different ways. Ignazio La Russa, referring to the facts of Sapienza, calls for “a unanimous, firm and decisive condemnation, for these shameful actions and for this continuous escalation of violence”, because “the climate that is being created around the history of the anarchist ” Alfredo Cospito “is taking on disturbing contours and should not be underestimated”. Lorenzo Fontana, on the other hand, appointed the commission of investigation to judge the validity of the accusations made by Donzelli against the deputies of the Democratic Party: the deputies are Sergio Costa (M5S), as president, Annarita Patriarca (FI), Fabrizio Cecchetti (Lega ), Roberto Giachetti (Az-Iv) and Alessandro Colucci (We moderates). The commission will have to present itself to the Chamber until next March 10th.

Source: IL Tempo