“Enough of controversy, anarchists attack institutions”. Crosetto Calls for a Political Truce

In the wake of the message launched by Giorgia Meloni, Guido Crosetto also arrives. The Minister of Defense, with a post on Twitter, sent an invitation to all political forces on the situation of the anarchists and all the controversies that arose after the intervention of Giovanni Donzelli of the Brothers of Italy in the Chamber: “We need to know how to put aside political controversy when it is the state (not this or that government) that is under attack. The threat from anarcho-insurrectionists, who fight antagonistic groups and remnants of terrorism, is to democratic institutions”.

However, the social message of the founder of Fratelli d’Italia provoked the reaction of Carlo Calenda, leader of the Third Pole, who did not forgive the incursions of FdI exponents: “Actually, Guido. And it is to cement this unity that Donzelli and Delmastro repeat that the left bows to the mafia. Unity is achieved through mutual respect and the careful, never exploitative use of state powers vis-à-vis minorities. The opposite of what you did.”

Source: IL Tempo