Anarchist danger, Meloni’s appeal: “Italy under attack, we will not divide”

On the eve of the anarchist demonstration in Rome, Giorgia Meloni invites everyone to a sense of responsibility. An appeal above all to the opposition, which for days, instead of stigmatizing the threats coming from the antagonists, prefers to attack the majority on the information revealed by deputy Giovanni Donzelli on the Cospito case, the 41st arrested on hunger strike. The head of government intervenes from Berlin, where he is in a bilateral agreement with Chancellor Olaf Scholz: «We, in Italy, have a problem that many are underestimating. The state is the target of attacks by anarchists with the aim of removing hard prisons, an objective that the mafia seeks. Threats to politicians and the state are increasing, while in Italy the debate is on another level.” The Prime Minister insists: “We have to think at a higher level. We have to find a way not to divide ourselves. It is an invitation that I make to myself» and to everyone on this front, «today there is a real threat. I would like to hold everyone accountable.”

As proof of the high level of alertness, Meloni recalls that “today two new people (Undersecretaries of Justice Delmastro and Ostellari, ed.) are under guard, and regardless of the tone used in Parliament, the discussions, the political evaluations, it is never a victory when a person has to be defended. In the evening, Donzelli will also be escorted. Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini also intervenes, inviting us not to back down: ««Solidarity and full support for Andrea Ostellari. Let’s go ahead , without fear”, says the Lega leader, quoting his party’s undersecretary. He then urges “everyone, politicians and others, to moderate”.

Meanwhile, Fratelli d’Italia is asking for clarification on what happened on January 12 at the Sassari prison, where Cospito was held before being transferred to the Opera penitentiary in Milan. Tommaso Foti, leader of the Meloni party group, announces a question to Minister of Justice Nórdio to find out “what elements he has about” the visit to the prison of the four parliamentarians of the Democratic Party and what initiatives he intends to take to avoid dangerous partnerships between organized crime and terrorism”. It seems, in fact, that on that occasion Cospito invited the dem’s delegation to exchange a few words with three mafia bosses neighboring his cell.

Source: IL Tempo