Cabinet will not object to bombing of Afghanistan

Cabinet will not object to bombing of Afghanistan

The government accepted the court’s decision regarding a Dutch bombing attack in Afghanistan in 2007. Twenty civilians were killed when Dutch soldiers bombed a housing complex in Chora. The closest relative blamed the state.

In this case, the state argued that the Taliban used the complex for military purposes and therefore the action was legal. However, according to the court in The Hague, it was not made clear enough that the conclusion could be drawn from this that the complex was used by the Taliban.

“Complex but careful consideration”

Minister Ollongren wrote to the House of Representatives that the state would not appeal “after a complex but careful scrutiny”. He admits that the Department of Defense failed to convince the court that there was a military purpose.

The ministry has no additional information to show that this is indeed a military target. For Ollongren, this was the decisive factor in yielding to the decision. The state will comply with the court’s decision that compensation should be given to the missing. Its size has not yet been determined.

In his letter to the lower house, the minister stresses that the court did not classify the bombing as a war crime.

Source: NOS