White Zone, Berlusconi’s statement: “Forza Italia essential for the government”

Silvio Berlusconi appears once again on TV. The Forza Italia leader has no intention of stepping away from the political scene and has appeared in connection with the February 5 edition of Zona Bianca, Rete4’s Sunday night talk show with Giuseppe Brindisi as host. The first topic addressed by the Cavaliere is that of the government and the action of the majority: “We in the governing coalition are the heart and soul, we are also the heart and soul of the government because we are the only ones who represent our country the liberal tradition, the tradition guarantees, the Christian tradition and the pro-European tradition. The other political forces in the coalition have different roots and traditions. Forza Italia is, from a numerical point of view, an indispensable political force to keep this majority and this government alive. But politically too, Forza Italia is essential for your ideas and values, which are those of the European People’s Party, which, as you know, is the largest political family in Europe, it is the party that we proudly represent in Italy”.

“Our parliamentarians – says Berlusconi again in the blue team – are the two groups with the most culture and the most professionalism in the Chamber and the Senate. They work better and harder than all the other groups and collaborate with absolute loyalty with the rest of the centre-right deputies. I continue as director of Forza Italia, I work a lot and I am in continuous contact with my ministers and with all my parliamentarians”.

Impossible not to talk about the anarchists and the controversies of the last week: “Political violence in Italy is not a very distant memory, it polluted Italian political life and democracy until a few years ago. The State cannot and must not give in to any blackmail. 41 bis, which is an instrument applied independently by the judiciary against dangerous criminals and multiple homicides, must – says Berlusconi in a firm tone – remain that way. To all kinds of threats against democracy and peaceful coexistence, Italy, through its political system, has always responded and still must respond with unity and community of purpose. The Christian Democrats and the Communist Party also managed to do it against the Red Brigades, in the midst of the Cold War. This fight against those who attack democracy is for the freedom of all and has cost the sacrifice of many human lives. Also to honor his memory we must continue to promote this unity and in no way give our side to those who want to divide us. This was the attitude we adopted in the case of Alfredo Cospito. Forza Italia – underlined the Cav – has kept well away from any form of controversy”.

Source: IL Tempo