“Nobody’s co-leader”: anarchists, who they are and where they’re going

Ever since Alfredo Cospito became a judicial and political case, we often read to refer to the under-55-year-old 41 bis detainee as the “leader of the Italian anarchists” who could escape a life sentence. More than a misleading description, it’s a historical error. Journalist, “La storia siamo noi” TV writer and writer Pino Casamassima arrives to explain why he has illuminated the anarchist world. Casamassima is the author of The Anarchists, published by Diarkos, which tells the stories of real anarchists who wrote the history of Italy and Europe. Directly at Today, she sheds light on a world that many don’t know, and she does so from the experience of a young political militant.

Alfredo Cospito, because the anarchist can escape life imprisonment

Casamassima, your book is part of history, but you weren’t just an academic, were you?

“I was an activist in the Communist Party from 1972 to 1976. Then the Aldo Moro case dragged on. We, belonging to an autonomous collective, left the PCI due to a historic compromise we did not approve. We opened a Young Communist office on Tuesday: we ran red markets, posters We hung it and always helped people save on bills within the law. But active militancy was no longer possible. There was a wave of repression by the state. Every two days the Carabinieris asked for rent in the office or the Finance Police asked us for accounts of the activities. We closed it after four years. One is back in the arms of the PCI, one is socialists. I stopped doing politics”.

Those were years of violence. The politics were violent.

“Here we are, at our first meetings where we laid the first foundations for what could be considered statutes, we immediately made it clear: We would never inflict violence on things, not just people. We considered these unfortunate acts in which they did not serve anyone”.

You lived through those years and studied the anarchist world. But why is Alfredo Cospito the leader of the anarchists?

“Cospito is not the leader of anything, notice. First of all, you will have seen that Fai (Italian Anarchist Federation) has moved away from Cospito, which believes himself to belong to Fai but is not the Italian Anarchist Federation but also the Italian Anarchist Federation. anarchist federation”.

Can you explain the difference between the Italian Anarchist Federation and the unofficial one?

“The first is the result of a branch of the Union of Italian Anarchists (Uai), which was born in 1920 and subsequently outlawed by the fascist regime. The Uai remained a secret organization until 1946, when it was reborn as the Italian Federation of Anarchists. Italian anarchists unofficially always dirty. they accused him of playing a game, of embezzlement. Informal they stopped abbreviation, replaced “Italians” with “informal”, this makes no sense. In 2003, he collected the remnants of the violent movements of the black blocs of the early 2000s (unofficial) shone its own light in this unfortunate world with two attacks, one against the barracks of the gendarmerie students. The incident in which Roberto Adinolfi, general manager of Ansaldo Nuclear, was shot in the legs”.

But if Cospito is nobody’s leader, how do you explain all this solidarity from outside?

“Those in the informal federation use Cospito, which has become a useful idiot for many people of many political orientations, the same unofficial anarchists use it to advertise themselves”.

But for what?

“Having followers. They portray him as a hero, pro domo loro, in order to have more consensus in the hostile field. Also, because it is an oddity in itself to have a leader among anarchists who by definition have no leader”.

But if unofficial anarchists are violent and are using the Cospito case to their advantage, what are their interests?

“There is no political project, and there cannot be, it is a philosophy, so the worse the better: Saturday’s demonstrations are infiltrated and eventually broken and windows broken, whether it’s a poor person’s. Poor Deutsche Bank doesn’t care if he borrows money to open a clothing store. The important thing is to be against the capitalist system that is oppressive for them. Then maybe they will go home and find it. The soup is ready.”

And historical anarchists, those of the Italian Anarchist Federation, to be frank, aren’t they violent?

“No, they dream of a society with no state ties, no ties, because they believe that without offending the thinkers of great anarchism, instead, quoting De André, every person, every individual can set rules for himself to harm others in order to self-regulate”.

Is it possible that there are no references among anarchists?

“There was Enrico Malatesta in 1921, yes, but not because he was telling others what to do or not to do. Because he had conceived an idea in Italy, around which a hostile movement would sprout at every bridle of the State. But absolutely non-violent.”

And Cospito has nothing to do with them?

“Cospito was over-exposed to the media when it happened, but it was sunk into history. It’s like a resurgent Red Brigade formation. At that time, at a time when there was a hostile youth bubbling, there was a historical explanation for the fermentation of the work environment class. Mao Zedong’s fish of the revolution. there is no water in which he says he should swim. Cospito is an immoral person because when he shot Adinolfi in the legs, he put him in black and white, where he felt in a heavenly dimension”.

But are you against 41 bis?

“It was born to protect society, not as a punitive legal element against those who were subjected to 41 bis. Applying 41 bis to Nadia Desdemona Lioce since 2003 is pointless. Who can you send a message to? Can you really reorganize the Red Brigades? The same for Cospito. true, putting Cospito at 41bis was very stupid, because if his path had remained the path of a violent person in jail for thirty years, perhaps on probation in a maximum security prison, putting it at 41bis seemed like an act of propaganda Cospito also presents himself as a criminal, not because he kicked Adinolfi in the legs, but because he planted a pair of bombs that he didn’t kill, it’s just coincidence”.

But it cannot be said with certainty that Cospito was not an anarchist.

“Yes, yes, he can describe himself as he pleases, but I would never want someone like Cospito in my book on anarchists: he would contaminate everything.”

Source: Today IT