“Each inmate costs the state an average of $2.6 million a month”: Osuna

After filing last Monday for the House of Representatives Minister Néstor Osuna, the bill that reforms the administration of justice and humanizes the country’s penitentiary and prison system, has come out to explain the points that have generated controversy in the text he presented.

This Thursday, at the public hearing convened by the Accidental Commission for Monitoring, Surveillance and Control of the Penitentiary and Prison Situation of Colombia, the head of the justice portfolio assured that by 2023 the criminal justice and penitentiary system 3.1 trillion pesos in prison management.

According to the minister, there are currently around 120,000 individuals of freedom in penitentiaries and assured that “everyone costs the state on average $2.6 million per month, more than many Colombian families earn. With that money, we could have done better than we got to that prison crisis.”

Source: El Heraldo