Because Nordio approved 41 bis to Cospito. Anarchist: “I in the concrete sarcophagus”

Alfredo Cospito does not have a chronic illness, but he chose to be sick. Not just. Even in his cell, his ability to guide the struggle of anarchists has not changed. With his decisions, he triggered a shock wave at the national and European level. In summary, these are the reasons why Minister of Justice Carlo Nordio said ‘No’ to the annulment of the anarchist 41 bis. Cospito’s comment with his lawyers was succinct: “I’ve been waiting for this”.

Several points were examined by Minister Nordio. Starting with the anarchist’s state of health. Cospito, as you know, is on a hunger strike. His condition worsened and he was therefore transferred to the Opera prison, where he could receive better health care. As a matter of fact, Nordio reiterated many times that, on the one hand, the hunger strike cannot automatically abolish the heavy prison, on the other hand, the State must protect the prisoner’s health. Nordio writes: “We are in the presence of a healthy and sane subject, not a person afflicted with a chronic disability pathology, who voluntarily ensures an unstable state of health for ideological purposes, while persisting in his behavior despite repeated invitations from the health authority to continue this self-destructive behavior. renunciation”. For the minister, “Cospito’s health conditions resulting from his hunger strike, which he has carried out only since 20 October 2022, are not at a level to significantly affect his significant social danger and are not suitable to justify the adoption of the requested provision for premature birth.” Cancellation of the differentiated regime envisaged by “41 bis”.

Meanwhile, Cospito once again refused to undergo a psychiatric examination. He is constantly monitored, with medical bulletins sent several times a day to the Milan Surveillance Court. According to the information conveyed by qualified sources, his condition is defined as stable. He continues to take salt and sugar and drink water, and can be transferred to the prison ward of San Paolo hospital if necessary.

Nordio focuses on Cospito’s use of the hunger strike. “Alfredo Cospito’s body became the necessary catalyst for the strategic action of the prisoner who sought unity of purpose and purpose while leaving each formation the right to freedom and self-determination according to the type of work to be done. .

The head of justice highlights the “convict’s unwavering ability to steer the anarcho-rebel galaxy’s combat efforts towards increasingly relevant strategies and goals.” He further noted that “the danger profiles associated with Alfredo Cospito’s relational role (other than a bankruptcy-type involvement in certain illegal events) are confirmed by the proliferation of intimidating and violent acts following the adoption of the law. The prison regime has differentiated itself from some of the anarcho-rebel groups”. “The antagonistic world, inspired by and in support of Alfredo Cospito, is moving through violent actions and serious intimidation, this is exactly what the prisoner advocated and was immediately assembled into practice and concrete actions,” explains Nordio.

Cospito: “I’m staying at 41 bis? Thanks”

When he learned of Nordio’s decision, Alfredo Cospito himself said, “Thanks, I was waiting for this. They decided to bury me in this concrete sarcophagus.” The anarchist was briefed by his lawyer, Flavio Rossi Albertini. The same lawyer reported the succinct comment.

“For weeks – continues the lawyer – I’ve been waiting for Cospito to pass out, but he obviously has an incredible temper because he’s not eating anymore. He’s lost 47 pounds.” In Cospito, “the problem is political and legal. There has been a distortion of the law about him, Cospito is aware of this because he is a smart man. The problem cannot be resolved by asking for forgiveness, which, among other things, is acceptable. It is acceptable,” explains Albertini. According to the lawyer, Cospito is an “individualist anarchist, and to apply 41 bis to him “to break off relations with the outside world is therefore a contradiction”. However, the lawyer excludes any objection to President Sergio. To Mattarella or Pope Francis: “Cospito I exclude both the head of state and the Holy Father because I know him.”

Source: Today IT