Betancourt’s controversial proposal to Uribe Vélez

A cross of thrillers between Verde Oxígeno’s presidential candidate, Ingrid Betancourtand the leader of the Democratic Center, Allvaro Uribe Velezcaused the political tide in the country this Friday.

The controversy erupted when the former congressman invited the former president to form a “common front against the machinery and for reconciliation.”

“To free Colombia from corruption, it is important that we unite beyond ideologies. From the center, we are open to great national dialogue,” he said.

The comment was the product of a message that Uribe Vélez left for the applicant on the social network of Twitter

“I am grateful to Ingrid Betancourt. It is very important to make progress in the dialogue with her, her team and the Democratic Center,” said Uribe.

Source: El Heraldo