Anarchists, a new crime is coming against attacks: street terrorism

A few hours after the umpteenth anarchist demonstration that ended in Milan with damage and violence against the police, the Brothers of Italy say they are ready to present a bill to Parliament to introduce the crime of “street terrorism” throughout the penal code . By the way, explains deputy Riccardo De Corato who accepted the appeal of the FSP police union the day after the Milanese march, with which it was possible to foresee “the introduction of two devices, articles 613 quater and quinquies of the penal code, which more severe penalties for those who cause accidents in demonstrations and also punishment for those who instigate violence”. In addition, adds De Corato, “I will propose that deferred arrest be allowed, when it is not possible to proceed in flagrante delicto, also thanks to video or photographic evidence”.

According to the report prepared by the acronym Fsp Polizia di Stato, six agents of the department of Mobile were injured during the march on Saturday, at the end of which eleven demonstrators were charged with damages and other crimes. One of the policemen suffered burns caused by the explosion of a paper bomb and there was “serious damage to installations and vehicles”, explains the general secretary of the union, Valter Mazzetti, defining what happened “yet another report of war after the last anarchist demonstration, strictly unauthorized’. Then, the appeal to the institutions for the establishment of a specific form of crime. Street terrorism, in fact, “which provides us with the appropriate tools to intercept such events, preventing them before the next guerrilla war”. Arrows start at opposition. “We condemn all forms of violence, but all possible measures already exist in the penal code. There is no need for a new crime, even more generic, which has all the flavor of a weapon to repress any dissent», comments Luana Zanella, leader of the group Aliança Verdi e Esquerda na Câmara, who ends with a controversial observation. “Will they also apply this to ultra violence?

Source: IL Tempo