Cospito case, information from Minister Nordio: “No repeal of 41 bis”

Without revocation of 41 bis for Alfredo Cospito, it is still dangerous. The Minister of Justice, Carlo Nordio, in his report to the Chamber is clear: “The reason that justifies forwarding the request for revocation lies in the occurrence of significant changes”. But “the new elements put forward by the defense in support of the request for the early revocation of the differentiated prison regime do not have the necessary demolition effect on the conditions for maintaining this regime”.

But not only. According to the Guardian of Seals, the opinion of the national anti-mafia and anti-terrorism prosecutor “considered the legal reasons presented by the defender of Cospito in support of his request for the revocation of 41 bis to be unfounded”. And in the opinion “the danger profiles are confirmed”. In short, for the anarchist, who reached 117 days of hunger strike, the prison regime would be adequate. And his state of health would not lead to revocation because, as Nordio explains, Alfredo Cospito «does not suffer from a disabling chronic pathology, but voluntarily seeks a precarious state of health, persevering in his behavior despite repeated invitations from the ‘health authority to give up”. Therefore, no derogation «to the general principles that govern the institute established by art. 41 bis, effectively sterilizing its purposes. Otherwise, there would be a logical contradiction between the almost unanimous request to preserve the needs underlying the rigor of the institute 41 bis, and the idea – for now limited to the Cospito case – of conditioning its application”.

Nordio’s information comes after the prosecution of the Attorney General of Cassation who, instead, asked for the suspension of the harsh prison regime. But the Keeper of the Seals guarantees that his decision “was not and could not have been influenced by the indictment” of pg. The anarchist, recently transferred from the clinical center of the Opera prison to the department of penitentiary medicine at the San Paolo hospital in Milan, according to medical reports, does not have “cognitive impairment”. Nordio announced that he will take yogurt with honey and also “potassium, sugar and salt” and “he made it known that he will return to taking personal supplements”.

The report by the Guardian of the Seals, however, ignited confrontation in the Chamber over the Donzelli case. For the Minister of Justice, what was reported by the FdI representative refers to “a summary file from Nic, the central investigation nucleus, on which there are no formal declarations of secrecy”. And “limited dissemination”, guarantees Nordio, “goes beyond the classifications governed by law and is in itself inadequate to catalog the document as classified. It’s just a Dap practice ». Even in conversations between Cospito and other 41 bis detainees, no interception was disclosed. Because “there are no interceptions”. “The talks – explains the minister – are not subject to wiretapping but to administrative supervision”.

But this reconstruction did not convince the opposition. For Debora Seracchiani, leader of the Pd group in the Chamber, “the law cannot be bent to party reasons nor can it be interpreted according to the conveniences of the moment”. But the real fight began at the end of Luana Zanella’s (Verdi-Left Alliance) speech, when there were moments of tension with the leader of the Fdi group, Tommaso Foti, called to order by the mayor, Lorenzo Fontana, who suspended the session for some minutes.

Source: IL Tempo